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inter:zone alternatif obchůdek/galerie
inter:zone je nezávislý obchod/galerie zaměřený na underground a alternativni kultury, kde najdete zajimavé komiksy, knihy, plakáty, trička, oblečeni, šperky, tašky, piercing, barvy na vlasy a mnohem víc...

nyx pošta: DINE
email: interzone.praha@gmail.com
tel.: +420 608248380
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IGRAQ --- 22:37:31 7.9.2004
what about new shirtee shirtees? :]
MYKO --- 22:02:49 7.9.2004
poor pash :))
MYKO --- 22:02:29 7.9.2004
DINE: sure it's more readable.. and yes, not a good idea to change the logo totally :)).. however, i guess it's too late to cry i guess and it's not such a disaster, in my point of view :) yes, it's slightly different, but still quite similar.. i won't miss the store while walking down the street just for this :))
DINE --- 21:58:14 7.9.2004
MYKO: but anyway im not sure its good to change logo after 2 years... :]
DINE --- 21:57:28 7.9.2004
MYKO: but i think the original is more readable... especially INTER...
DINE --- 21:56:41 7.9.2004
pozor pozor... lots of new stuff arrived in inter:zone...
KOMIKS > independent comics, grafik novels and fanzines from specialised publishers from Belgium, Bries and Fremok...
and also new ARTWORX, printed TEE-SHIRTS, BUTTONS designed by Buzzworks...
soon in inter:zone > design bags by GL.SH!
DINE --- 21:56:36 7.9.2004
MYKO: eh, this is question of taste asi :]
MYKO --- 21:47:49 7.9.2004
DINE: at least it's better than the original :))
DINE --- 21:37:54 7.9.2004
PASHWAKA: hmmm :) nice idea indeed, its long time now we are waiting for the lightening sign to be placed on facada... hm hm... i like material and colour, but its pity you didnt keep the inter:zone typo of the logo... as we try to keep a coherent grafik line of inter:zone since beginning... but its not so easy :-/
AKA_33 --- 20:55:07 7.9.2004
pokracujte klido pido s inwazi na baraq ,)) .. zadny srandicky jako wis jaq .. ale poradne obutej dizajn ,)))