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inter:zone alternatif obchůdek/galerie
inter:zone je nezávislý obchod/galerie zaměřený na underground a alternativni kultury, kde najdete zajimavé komiksy, knihy, plakáty, trička, oblečeni, šperky, tašky, piercing, barvy na vlasy a mnohem víc...

nyx pošta: DINE
email: interzone.praha@gmail.com
tel.: +420 608248380
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DINE --- 21:57:28 7.9.2004
MYKO: but i think the original is more readable... especially INTER...
DINE --- 21:56:41 7.9.2004
pozor pozor... lots of new stuff arrived in inter:zone...
KOMIKS > independent comics, grafik novels and fanzines from specialised publishers from Belgium, Bries and Fremok...
and also new ARTWORX, printed TEE-SHIRTS, BUTTONS designed by Buzzworks...
soon in inter:zone > design bags by GL.SH!
DINE --- 21:56:36 7.9.2004
MYKO: eh, this is question of taste asi :]
MYKO --- 21:47:49 7.9.2004
DINE: at least it's better than the original :))
DINE --- 21:37:54 7.9.2004
PASHWAKA: hmmm :) nice idea indeed, its long time now we are waiting for the lightening sign to be placed on facada... hm hm... i like material and colour, but its pity you didnt keep the inter:zone typo of the logo... as we try to keep a coherent grafik line of inter:zone since beginning... but its not so easy :-/
AKA_33 --- 20:55:07 7.9.2004
pokracujte klido pido s inwazi na baraq ,)) .. zadny srandicky jako wis jaq .. ale poradne obutej dizajn ,)))
AKA_33 --- 20:54:24 7.9.2004
pjekneee .. kua pjeknee
PASHWAKA --- 14:06:52 4.9.2004
i:z ma od stredy novy napis nad vchodem!! (vyjroba jeden rezac z nyxu:)


napis je lepenej podle vodovahy, coz je vsak nemozne tak trochu rict o tech dverich a tak to podzera lehce krive.. :DD
MYKO --- 11:46:56 24.8.2004
Born in Manchester, England 1950. Member of Kinetic action group EXPLODING GALAXY/TRANSMEDIA EXPLORATION, 1969-70. Conceived and founded seminal British “performance art” group COUM TRANSMISSIONS, 1969; pioneer co-founder (with Cosey Fanni Tutti,Peter Christopherson, Chris Carter) of THROBBING GRISTLE, 1975; co-founder (with Alex Fergusson) of hyperdelic acid house innovators PSYCHIC TV, 1981; founded spoken word/ambient music performance group THEE MAJESTY 1999. Invented the term/genre INDUSTRIAL MUSIC (with Monte Cazazza) September 3rd 1975, releasing more than 200 CDs of experiments in music to date. Has worked and collaborated with Beatnik writers WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS and BRION GYSIN (champion of “Cut-Ups”); radical queer filmaker DEREK JARMAN; psychedlic guru DR. TIMOTHY LEARY and many other luminaries. Early pioneer/innovator of Acid House/Rave Movement in UK and USA from early 80’s-mid-90’s. Early champion of internet and commentator on it’s media virus cultural implications, often collaborating with DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF, RICHARD METZGER (of Disinformation) and other leading figures in CYBERIA. He has published thousands of articles, texts, interviews covering the functional and metaphysical implications and strategies of popular culture. Also explored human behaviour, ritual, and personality modification through splintering of expectation in private magickal situations to create neo-shamanic collaged paintings called “SIGILS”. Currently resides in New York area as an author, cultural engineer/commentator and fine artist. Has performed his improvised "Expanded Poetry" as THEE MAJESTY (with guitarist Bryin Dall, guitarist Lady J. and tabla player Larry Thrasher) at arts festivals and music venues all over the USA and Europe since 1998. Current work includes a monograph on his fine art “PAINFUL BUT FABULOUS” (Soft Skull Press, NYC 2003) and exhibitions, installations and lectures across Europe and the USA.
DINE --- 14:21:31 20.8.2004
???: diky ;] about Psychic TV check genesis p.orridge web...