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inter:zone alternatif obchůdek/galerie
inter:zone je nezávislý obchod/galerie zaměřený na underground a alternativni kultury, kde najdete zajimavé komiksy, knihy, plakáty, trička, oblečeni, šperky, tašky, piercing, barvy na vlasy a mnohem víc...

nyx pošta: DINE
email: interzone.praha@gmail.com
tel.: +420 608248380
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DINE --- 12:23:13 31.10.2013
BAREKULA --- 19:45:09 18.10.2013
DINE: no neke...tyjo, to je teda docela smutny...a berete vsecko ssebou? ja ze bych u vas mela mit jeste naky zboži nebo v lepsim pripade neco prodanyho:)))
SARKALINA --- 18:10:11 17.10.2013
to by me taky zajimalo .-]
OMRI --- 16:48:45 17.10.2013
a kam stehujete?
DINE --- 19:08:25 8.9.2013
ATTENTION PLEASE !! our webs interzone.cz and eshop.inter-zone.cz, as well as the email addresses ending by inter-zone.cz ARE NOT UNDER OUR CONTROL SINCE MONTHS. We have no possibility to update or use them correctly, WE DONT RECEIVE THE MAIL ORDERS FROM OUR CLIENTS, even if they do receive automatic response that their order is being processed. Therefore WE ARE LOOSING ALL OUR CLIENTS AND OUR CREDIBILITY. Since months we are asking Binary, the web developer who is responsible for this, to give us admin rights or otherwise to simply put the webs down. The second solution was finally chosen, but this agreement was not respected by Binary and the webs are now running AGAIN without our permission and without we even know about it. THEREFORE WE ASK YOU TO CONSIDER OUR WEBS MISUSED, AND WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO AVOID ANY COLLABORATION WITH THE UNPROFESSIONAL FIRM BINARY, BASED AT PRAGUE 3. Please forward the info.
DINE --- 22:08:54 7.9.2013
Qaraba is back in Prague with new songs and sounds... Smyrna, Asia Minor, Greek traditional songs and melodies from the East... First acoustic concert of the season on Sunday 15th at Prostor Husitska 23, Prague 3. See you there!

[ Concert Qaraba / koncertconcert / 15.9.2013 / CR - Praha - Prostor Husitská 23, Praha Žižkov ]