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moderní :: postmoderní :: současné umění


"My favorite art is the art I don't understand." Pae White
"Umění chce tvořit konečnost, která vrací nekonečno." Deleuze a Guattari
"The ‘value’ of particular artists after Duchamp can be weighed according to how much they questioned the nature of art; which is another way of saying “what they added to the conception of art” or what wasn’t there before they started. Artists question the nature of art by presenting new propositions as to art’s nature. And to do this one cannot concern oneself with the handed down ‘language’ of traditional art, since this activity is based on the assumption that there is only one way of framing art propositions. But the very stuff of art is indeed greatly related to ‘creating’ new propositions. That there is no ‘truth’ as to what art is seems quite unrealized." Peter Coffin z rozhovoru

než začneš diskusi o tom, o co je to umění, čti: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - krátký a čtivý úvod do kritiky umění

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SGNLR --- 4:31:16 28.9.2008
Kurt Ralske "Alphaville" (from Motion-Extraction-Reanimation Series) 2008
KHALAVERA --- 18:22:19 27.9.2008

Guy Goldstein

Eid ist Eid, 2008
mixed media, Sound Work and Gobelin on a loudspeaker, 150X50X50 cm

KHALAVERA --- 23:32:56 26.9.2008

...Mr. Hirst may simply have morphed into the Thomas Kincaid of contemporary art...

-- Roberta Smith on the Hirst auction, via NYTimes
KHALAVERA --- 23:29:27 26.9.2008
kam se hrabe Hirst :))

It is estimated that 1 in 10 homes in the U.S. feature some form of Thomas Kinkade’s art or licensed product.

MIKRON --- 12:09:42 26.9.2008
XYZ --- 12:05:31 25.9.2008
PASH: "Lov" nemá chybu, jen mohli na kameru natočit víc reakce ostatních lidí.