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moderní :: postmoderní :: současné umění


"My favorite art is the art I don't understand." Pae White
"Umění chce tvořit konečnost, která vrací nekonečno." Deleuze a Guattari
"The ‘value’ of particular artists after Duchamp can be weighed according to how much they questioned the nature of art; which is another way of saying “what they added to the conception of art” or what wasn’t there before they started. Artists question the nature of art by presenting new propositions as to art’s nature. And to do this one cannot concern oneself with the handed down ‘language’ of traditional art, since this activity is based on the assumption that there is only one way of framing art propositions. But the very stuff of art is indeed greatly related to ‘creating’ new propositions. That there is no ‘truth’ as to what art is seems quite unrealized." Peter Coffin z rozhovoru

než začneš diskusi o tom, o co je to umění, čti: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - krátký a čtivý úvod do kritiky umění

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KHALAVERA --- 0:56:36 24.6.2008
PASHWAKA --- 15:56:02 23.6.2008
MIKRON --- 13:51:42 23.6.2008
KHALAVERA: super!!
PASHWAKA --- 23:45:17 22.6.2008

nar. 1981 ve Francii, aktualne zijici v Praze

The best memories are the ones we forgot, solo exhibition at Karlin Studios, Prague
randomly mixed "white" neon lights

"...there was something going wrong in this space, growing from the lightening set up.

As this industrial space was transformed into an exhibition space, the lightening display had been left over just the way it was, the broken neon lights had been replaced, the other one still belonging to the past.
Creating a random pattern of, so called, white lightening.

Your perception of white disappears merging some various colors resulting from the contradiction of these different definitions of the white.
The exhibition happened while i was still searching for the right temperature."

Être dans , a group exhibition curated by Nathalie Junod-Ponsard, at the Institut Finlandais, Paris, France
164 kilos of crystal sugar

MIRAGE, 2004
Oasis, group exhibition at the Glassbox, Paris, France
32 769 tablets of chewing gum (flavour : strong menthol), saliva. The chewing gums are licked then directly stuck on the walls and the ceiling of a narrow corridor dividing the two rooms of the gallery. The menthol scent is so strong that tears are coming to your eyes.


nyni tez vystavuje na Love at first Site ve Future
KHALAVERA --- 20:44:27 22.6.2008
PASHWAKA: nj, jasně, já na něj narazil na jlb, akorát jsem na to zapoměl :)
PASHWAKA --- 20:09:45 22.6.2008
KHALAVERA: neba ale v pondeli ma vernisaz ve vernonu
PASHWAKA --- 23:19:51 21.6.2008
club internet's latest exhibition launched yesterday: the oracle show curated by harm van den dorpel. featuring work by aids-3d, kari altmann, charles broskoski, carl burgess, jeff carey, chris collins, aleksandra domanovic, harm van den dorpel, constant dullaart, joel holmberg, infobeard, oliver laric, guthrie lonergan, ilia ovechkin, rafael rozendaal, travess smalley, tntet, damon zucconi.
src: http://iheartphotograph.blogspot.com/2008/06/club-internet.html