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TI Z VAS, KTERI SE PTAJI PO UBYTOVANI V LONDONU, NEZAPOMENTE SEM NAPSAT, KDE JSTE SE NAKONEC UBYTOVALI A JAKY TO BYLO, takovy infa se tu urcite neztrati, muzu je pak hodit na nastenku pro ostatni ;)


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ILEGAL --- 18:03:14 24.6.2013
Tvle ja sem byl naposledy na Lee Scratch Perry pred 4 rokama a kdyz chci jit na neco poradnyho tak jsou dve akce na jednou....a za vecer to asi nestihnu, obe akce :/
SP1T --- 17:55:51 24.6.2013
SP1T: aha, uz to ctu na FB: Unfortunately (for us) Earl Gateshead has had to postpone his I-Lion debut as the Trojan Soundsystem has been booked out in full for the 6th July. However he will be featuring at an upcoming I-Lion event so stay tuned for ya Trojan fix!!
SP1T --- 17:54:08 24.6.2013
Dasho, tomu nerozumim, kdo hraje kde, jak kto maj rozdeleny? 6.7. je ten Deal ne? (ILEGAL)
AKTAJSA --- 16:36:42 24.6.2013
ILEGAL: Ja bych to dal!
DREDIK --- 16:02:54 24.6.2013
ILEGAL: Hehe..
ILEGAL --- 14:51:16 24.6.2013
Kdyz uz tady jede taova kultura, s kym se potkam tady? :)
DASHA --- 19:59:58 16.6.2013
Uz se mi blizi dalsi vejlet do UK, takze tu pro info:

5.7. Hootananny Brixton
Orchestral Death Ska Barbershop, all 7 sing, dance and give the most electrifying stage show goin’
JOSEPHINE & THE ARTIZANS 11 piece band fuse Classical with hip-hop & rock, the juxtaposition of String Trio, Electric Guitar, Operatic Voice and Rap Vocals, the swapping, chopping and changing of melody is seamless and captivating. Performed live on BBC 3 Counties & BBC Radio 6 Music, Isle of Wight FM called ‘Zadok’
RECORD OF THE WEEK + MENDOZA, a seven piece funk machine, powerhouse vocals with tight, grooving, dirty beats and fresh tunes, dangerously infectious
+ burlesque with HOTCAKE KITTY
DJ support by DASHA FYAH mixing full fat bassy party music
Live Music Bands Ska Roots Reggae World Folk Music at Hootananny Brixton London UK

9pm - 3am
FREE b4 10pm, £3 after
Entry only with valid ID (BABYLOOON!)

6.7. Astor community Theatre - Deal (Kent)

After the success of our first Reggae night at The Astor Theatre Deal with onlyjoe back in April, I-LION productions has secured three more dates this year at the Astor.
The 6th of July is the next installment and falls nicely on a Saturday evening so with that, a quality lineup, Caribbean cuisine and stack loads of vibes it's set to be a heavy night of carnival vibrations and intoxicating reggae music!
Updated line up as follows..... Dasha Fyah reggae gyal flying over from Czech Republic, Rudy Rude sound featuring SynFam local Kent skankers reppin the upfront dubwise styles. Headlining the event we got MC Brother Culture original rasta MC alongside Manasseh the Dub Reggae heavyweight.
1 ♥
GADGETKA --- 1:53:28 16.6.2013
07404 324335
GADGETKA --- 21:18:25 15.6.2013
Postcode nejdřív v deset....
DREDIK --- 19:09:08 15.6.2013
LUCIIE: pridavam se k dotazu...