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LUNGPA --- 18:14:57 28.10.2008
PALEONTOLOG: takze to je Galileiho prostrednicek?
dobrej link anyway!!
PALEONTOLOG --- 15:46:36 28.10.2008

The Middle Finger of Modernity.

It is a remarkable bit of irony, that finger. Venerated, kept in reliquary, subjected to the same treatment as a Saint. But this finger belonged to no Saint. It is the long bony finger of an enemy of the church, a heretic. A man so dangerous to the religious institution he was made a prisoner in his own home. It sits in a small glass egg atop an inscribed marble base in the Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, or the History of Science Museum in Florence, Italy. On the shelf next to the middle finger of his right hand is something that the once five-fingered heretic would be much happier to see preserved. A small, cracked bit of glass that once glimpsed into the heavens.

PANDA_JE_MRTVA --- 13:46:15 24.10.2008
LUNGPA: slušně vychovaná kostra. skvělá věc.
LUNGPA --- 14:01:23 21.10.2008
BRANA --- 19:16:16 16.10.2008
LUNGPA --- 16:46:59 13.10.2008
_ELPH_: ou je ! tak to je 1!
_ELPH_ --- 11:47:37 13.10.2008