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Octopus World

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• https://www.tonmo.com/

• Sy Montgomery: Mají chobotnice duši?
• Peter Godfrey-Smith: Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness
• Roger Hanlon, Mike Vecchione, Louise Allcock: Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefish: A Visual, Scientific Guide to the Oceans’ Most Advanced Invertebrates
• Eugene Linden: The Octopus and the Orangutan: New Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence, and Ingenuity

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??? --- 15:25:21 15.5.2020
??? --- 2:55:41 15.5.2020
Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefish: A Visual, Scientific Guide to the Oceans’ Most Advanced Invertebrates by Roger Hanlon
KEVIN00 --- 12:27:25 9.5.2020
Fossil reveals evidence of 200 million-year-old ‘squid’ attack
Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest known example of a squid-like creature attacking its prey, in a fossil dating back almost 200 million years.

KEVIN00 --- 12:11:20 19.4.2020
Deep Sea Squid Communicate by Glowing Like E-Readers
Deep in the Pacific Ocean, six-foot-long Humboldt squid are known for being aggressive, cannibalistic and, according to new research, good communicators.
Known as "red devils," the squid can rapidly change the color of their skin, making different patterns to communicate, something other squid species are known to do.

KEVIN00 --- 10:59:11 19.4.2020
Two Rare Rainbow-Colored Octopuses Spotted Off The Coast Of The Philippines
Nature has a way of taking our breath away with the amazing creatures we encounter.
Octopuses are known for being able to blend into their surroundings by changing color and texture. While most are masters of disguise, two rare octopuses the color of a rainbow were spotted off the coast of the Philippines.
Two blanket octopuses were captured on video gliding through the water. The webbing between their arms trailed behind them in a whimsical way, all the while the octopus continued to change color.