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Sea Shepherd

Informace, akce, články o neziskové organizaci Sea Shepherd, která se zabývá ochranou moří a oceánů. Je možno sdílet články s tématikou ochrany mořského života či z míst, kde Sea Shepherd operuje.

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KEVIN00 --- 10:23:55 23.5.2020
Whales, dolphins and penguins among 75 marine species killed by ships - report
At least 75 different marine species – ranging from whales to dolphins, sharks, sea otters, seals, penguins and sea turtles – have been recorded as being killed through collisions with ships, as revealed in a review published on Tuesday in Frontiers of Marine Science.

KEVIN00 --- 9:23:08 1.3.2020
Attempts to Establish Hard Caps on West Coast Drift Gillnet Fishery Questionable
ROHNERT PARK, Calif. — After almost a decade of back-and-forth rule makings and court decisions, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently released a rule that would establish hard caps on the West Coast drift gillnet fishery. While hard cap policies ensure that fishing activities halt before irreparable damage is done to a special status species, hard caps only work if they are strictly enforced and that is not what this rule seems to do.

KEVIN00 --- 19:35:37 26.2.2020
Humpback whale rescued from illegal net off Mexico
Activists rescued a humpback whale on Friday that had been caught in illegal fishing nets in Mexico's upper Sea of Cortes.

Humpback whale rescued from illegal net off Mexico
KEVIN00 --- 12:38:16 1.1.2020
Young fishermen capture an ENORMOUS deadly bull shark in a river where children regularly swim and splash in the water – and pull NINE babies from it’s stomach
A group of fishermen pulled out a giant bull shark from the Hastings River, NSW
The shark was hauled up by a hook as nine babies spilled out of her stomach
The photo divided social media with many praising the man for killing the animal

KEVIN00 --- 9:51:07 31.12.2019
SeaWorld Orlando is ending its theatrical orca shows, but they still have a long road ahead
With a new CEO at the helm, SeaWorld looks to be back on track with previously announced plans to phase out entertainment-driven animal shows. Its orca show, "One Ocean," is retiring at the end of December in both Orlando and San Antonio.

KEVIN00 --- 10:33:36 29.11.2019
Massive salmon farm die-off pollutes British Columbia’s Clayoquot Sound
More than 200,000 salmon have died at a fish farm belonging to Cermaq, a company owned by Mitsubishi that produces farmed Atlantic salmon in Clayoquot Sound. The mass die-off has spread to four other farms in the area.

KEVIN00 --- 17:58:20 25.11.2019
Japanese kill 223 whales in first commercial whaling season for 31 years
JAPANESE whaling ship Nisshin Maru returned to port today, completing the first commercial whale-hunting season sanctioned by the country in 31 years.

KEVIN00 --- 10:03:24 24.11.2019
Revealed: illegal tuna fishing rife around Malta’s ‘farms’
Rife illegal fishing of stray wild tuna that lurk around tuna ranching operations some six kilometres off Marsascala’s shore, at the reef known as Is-Sikka Tan-Nofs, may account for the illegal catch of thousands of tuna annually, according to sources who spoke to The Shift.

KEVIN00 --- 10:33:36 23.11.2019
KEVIN00 --- 22:57:36 16.11.2019
Island, 13.12.2018:
Caught on camera: How Iceland is Killing Endangered Blue Whales