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Earth First!
Místnost pro sdílení článků a debatě o enviromentální problematice, boji proti devastaci životního prostředí, záchraně zvířat z velkochovů, apod.

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KEVIN00 --- 12:46:25 3.6.2020
State of emergency in Norilsk after 20,000 tons of diesel leaks into Arctic river system
A state of emergency was introduced in Norilsk, Russia’s nickel capital, after almost 20,000 tons of diesel burst out of a reserve fuel tank at the TPP-3 industrial site.
The fuel was stored there to ensure continuous supply to the power plant in case of an interruption in gas supplies.
The leak was on 29 May in the Kayerkan district of Norilsk, and the pictures show its dramatic impact.

KEVIN00 --- 10:42:17 24.5.2020
Researchers Map Green Snow Algae Blooms in Antarctica
Using data from ESA’s Copernicus Sentinel-2 mission and two field campaigns, a team of UK scientists has identified 1,679 blooms of Antarctic green snow algae, seasonally covering 1.95 km2 and equating to 1,300 tons total dry biomass.

KEVIN00 --- 10:44:57 23.5.2020
Birds Are Eating Hundreds of Plastic Bits Daily, New Studies Find
The gruesome images of whales and deer dying after mistaking plastic for food has helped put into perspective just how severe the plastic waste crisis is. Now, a new study finds that it is not just land and sea animals eating our plastic trash. It turns out that birds are eating hundreds of bits of plastic every day through the food they eat.

KEVIN00 --- 10:30:40 23.5.2020
Millions of US Farm Animals Being Killed for Disposal
More than 10 million hens are estimated to have been culled due to Covid-19 related slaughterhouse shutdowns. The majority will have been smothered by a water-based foam, similar to fire-fighting foam, a method that animal welfare groups are calling “inhumane”.

KEVIN00 --- 18:32:49 8.5.2020
Po odčerpání vody z lomu zůstaly na suchu stovky raků, ryb i čolků, většina uhynula
Zatopený kamenolom v pražských Řeporyjích poskytoval několik let útočiště mnoha živočichům, mezi nimi byli i raci bahenní nebo čolci. To však skončilo první dubnový víkend, kdy společnost KAMENOLOMY ČR, která lom vlastní, odčerpala velkou část důlní vody. Nejen raci a čolci, ale také množství ryb se tak ocitlo na suchu.

KEVIN00 --- 11:36:23 8.5.2020
V Beskydech někdo postřelil rysa, zraněné zvíře po odchycení uhynulo
Zraněného rysa, který byl ve čtvrtek odchycen v chráněné krajinné oblasti Beskydy u Huslenek na Vsetínsku, někdo postřelil. Rentgen ukázal kulku, která uvízla těsně u kolene. Zvíře uhynulo. Agentura ochrany přírody a krajiny (AOPK) ČR a Hnutí DUHA proto podají trestní oznámení na neznámého pachatele, informovala v tiskové zprávě Karolína Šůlová z AOPK ČR. Rysů v Česku žije jen několik desítek, jde o ohroženého živočicha.

KEVIN00 --- 15:26:52 5.5.2020
Mapping methane emissions on a global scale
An important new tool to combat climate change is now available. Using data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, this new technology makes it possible to track and attribute methane emissions around the world.

KEVIN00 --- 20:14:55 30.4.2020
Uslyšíme to nenápadné odcházení?
Již několik let vědci a ekologové oprávněně varují před drastickým vymíráním hmyzu. V dnešním umělém, zdánlivě na přírodě nezávislém světě se může zdát, že se nejedná o nic zásadního. Opak je pravdou. I vymírání hmyzu je neklamnou indicií, že život na planetě se hroutí.

KEVIN00 --- 13:22:04 19.4.2020
Throughout March and an extension into April, 108 lynxes in eleven immense cull zones across Sweden had a price upon their heads. The usual safety of the snowscape was plagued with traps and trophy-hunting dickheads, desperate to shoot a cat and lay claim to their skin.
As hunt scum loaded their guns, donned their high vis habiliments and popped radio collars on their dog servants, something sinister brewed in the frozen depths of the forests. A gaggle of filthy scuzzy punks conspired in the snow to make the murderers’ lives a daylight nightmare, fight the killing, and wreak havoc upon all the tools of death we laid our badgery little eyes on.
In this masterpiece video documentary 3.0, you can join us in raising your middle fingers to the pricks and prick gear we encountered during the 46 days of licenced lynx hunting in Sweden. We did not limit ourselves to just fucking with lynx killers, but left a trail of destruction, anger and spray paint where any hunters or hunting gear once stood.
We sent a whole bunch of hunters packing, and as well turning our tools towards smashing lynx traps, ensured our stomping boots got plenty of action smashing cages and traps intended for other wildlife comrades.
One of our favourite targets were the shooting towers that litter almost every fucking forest and field we passed. We lost count of exactly how many we ripped the shit out of, but upon careful enumeration and deliberation, we’re sure the final number was about 75. The feeding stations and salt licks used to lure animals towards the guns were also put the fuck out of action.
Then there were the cameras. Hunt scum in Sweden just love leaving us gifts of trail cams by their hunting towers and feeders. It’s especially nice when they leave the memory cards full of pictures of themselves, their vehicles, and their number plates too. Special shout out to Simon, who donated two full years of data, locations of several other towers and feeders, and some lovely pictures of the wildlife he wanted to kill. Fuck you, Simon.
Of course there were cops. It doesn’t matter what bullshit state borders you’re inside, filth and scum go hand-in-hand. Killers always go crying to the cops, who are always all too willing to protect the state-sanctioned murder. What is “law” does not tally with what is right, and we will shout from the tree tops for ever more: ALL COPPERS ARE BASTARDS.
As of yesterday, the extended lynx hunting licences should have expired. We do not yet know the total number of innocent creatures who were needlessly slaughtered for the entertainment of scum. We are immensely grateful to everyone who chucked coins at our PayPal or bought one of bangin tees during this campaign. The vast sizes of the cull zones and the huge distances required to travel meant fuel costs were fucking high, and we would not have been able to maintain our presence in the forests without your support.
And of course, huge thanks to Hunt Saboteurs Sweden, who we formed a solid crew with during this campaign and who are the fucking bomb. Go check em out, they’re doing some good shit and we’re gonna love conspiring with them again in the future.
We are still out in the wild, causing chaos throughout Europe. Hunters cannot hide from us. Preparations for the looming UK badger cull are already in full swing, plus other projects in other countries. If you have some spare cash floating about, it’d be fucking smashing if you could launch it at our PayPal, which is linked in the comments.
Direct action gets the goods, get inspired and get active for wildlife!

Video: https://www.facebook.com/AnarchoBadger/videos/226885491708214/
KEVIN00 --- 7:01:37 6.4.2020
Coastal pollution reduces genetic diversity of corals, reef resilience
A new study by researchers at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) found that human-induced environmental stressors have a large effect on the genetic composition of coral reef populations in Hawai'i. They confirmed that there is an ongoing loss of sensitive genotypes in nearshore coral populations due to stressors resulting from poor land-use practices and coastal pollution. This reduced genetic diversity compromises reef resilience.