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Quentin Tarantino
..Odkladiště pro naprosto cokoli, co alespoň trochu souvisí s QT..

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
??? --- 12:12:37 6.4.2020
Samuel L Jackson Stay the fuck at home (Uncensored - NO EDIT!)
??? --- 11:50:30 5.4.2020
Simone Segouin, mostly known by her codename, Nicole Minet, was only 18 when the Germans invaded. Her first act of rebellion was to steal a bicycle from a German military administration, slicing the tires of all of the other bikes and motorcycles so they couldn't pursue her. She found a pocket of the Resistance and joined the fight, using the stolen bike to deliver messages between Resistance groups.

She was an extremely fast learner and quickly became an expert at tactics and explosives. She led teams of Resistance fighters to capture German troops, set traps, and sabotage German equipment. As the war dragged on, her deeds escalated to derailing German trains, blocking roads, and blowing up bridges, helping to create a German-free path to help the Allied forces retake France from the inside. She was never caught.

Segouin was present at the liberation of Chartres on August 23, 1944, and then the liberation of Paris two days later. She was promoted to lieutenant and awarded several medals, including the Croix de Guerre.

After the war, she studied medicine and became a pediatric nurse. She is still going strong, and this October (2020) will turn 95.


KAKIHARA --- 11:41:30 5.4.2020
???: Something!
??? --- 11:38:00 5.4.2020
"Someday I’m going to meet Madonna, and she’s going to say, ‘That’s exactly what that song was about. You hit the nail on the head.’ I know I’m right about that. I know that’s what was going through her head.”QT said at an interview after his success with Reservoir Dogs in 1992.

Later that year,When Madonna met Tarantino at a party, she handed him an autographed copy of her latest record Erotica. The autograph read: “Quentin: It’s about love, not dick”.

FRK_R23 --- 1:56:06 4.4.2020
DRAGON: To je fuk :) Co chceš :)
DRAGON --- 1:31:29 4.4.2020
dobře,tak to není potřeba, ale co si teda mám pustit první? Je to až k nevíře, ale já, milovník Tarantina, sem objevil až teď tyhle dva filmy.
KEB --- 1:14:01 4.4.2020
FRK_R23: a ideálně na jeden zátah, aby byl tvůj Grindhouse zážitek dokonalý! :)