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SPACE MUSIC - free jazz/afrofuturism/avantgarde afrobeat/next level of consciousness shit
[https://secure.static.tumblr.com/3e3e164c1d330b8083ef602c49663476/6x1myib/pgOnei54h/tumblr_static_6l06eg9d8x0k48ks08wgsgwo0_640_v2.jpg] Hudba ovlivněná estetikou afrofuturismu a volněji též vesmírem jako takovým. Free-jazz, avant-jazz, post-bop, funk, kozmigroove, elektro, techno, hip-hop, glitch atd. Současné podoby afrofuturismu a jeho popové i experimentální podoby. Afrofuturismus v hudbě i v jiných uměních.
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
??? --- 9:38:02 1.7.2019
novinky na International Anthem:

Where Future Unfolds | International Anthem

Where Future Unfolds is a new work spirited by Chicago-based sound & visual artist Damon Locks. Starting as a solo sound collage piece (where Locks pulled samples from Civil Rights era speeches and recordings to create an improvisational pallet for performance on his drum machine), over 4 years the project has blossomed into his 15-piece Black Monument Ensemble – featuring musicians (including Angel Bat Dawid on clarinets and Dana Hall on drums), singers (alumni of the Chicago Children's Choir), and dancers (members of Chicago youth dance company Move Me Soul). Where Future Unfolds is a live capture of the ensemble's epic debut at the Garfield Park Botanical Conservatory on the West Side of Chicago. Recalling the spirits of Phil Cohran's Artistic Heritage Ensemble, Eddie Gale's Black Rhythm Happening, Archie Shepp's Attica Blues, and Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, the album presents an inspired, innovative & immediate intersection of gospel, jazz, activism & 808 breaks.
Angel Bat Dawid (clarinets), Dana Hall (drums, percussion), Damon Locks (electronics, bells, voice), Arif Smith (percussion).
Phillip Armstrong, Monique Golding, Rayna Golding (on "Rebuild A Nation"), Eric McCarter, Tramaine Parker, Lauren Robinson.
Anna Martine Whitehead, Raven Lewis (Move Me Soul), Cheyenne Spencer (Move Me Soul), Mary Thomas (Move Me Soul), Bryonna Young (Move Me Soul), Tiarra Young (Move Me Soul).

Resavoir | International Anthem

Riding the ripples of their debut single “Escalator” (which BBC’s Gilles Peterson called “a winner,” and Supreme Standards’ Tina Edwards likened to “Radiohead on a Jazz trip”), Chicago collective Resavoir return with their first full length effort. The self-titled album presents a juicy suite of elegantly-orchestrated lo-fi jazz instrumentals germinated from home recording experiments by the group’s producer/arranger Will Miller.
Applying a compositional approach attributable to his experience producing hip-hop beats as much as his studies at Oberlin Conservatory, Miller built melodic sketches on foundations of samples & loops before bringing pieces to the group for collective development. After integrating recordings of the full band into his home-produced impressions (not unlike IARC predecessors Jeff Parker and Makaya McCraven), he over-dubbed another dozen friends into the mix (including Brandee Younger, Sen Morimoto, Carter Lang, Knox Fortune and Macie Stewart) before finalizing the arrangements.
In Miller’s modest editing room, Resavoir grew from experiment into epic opus recalling the lush, psychedelic soul jazz orchestrations of David Axelrod & Charles Stepney… but in the sampled-laden style of Yesterday’s New Quintet, Broadcast, or Thundercat, with a lyrical affinity for minimalism & texturalism, like trumpeter/composers Jon Hassell & Justin Walter.
Akenya Seymour – voice, piano, wurlitzer, sampler,
Will Miller – sampler, trumpets, synth, piano, wurlitzer, B3 organ
Macie Stewart – violins
Lane Beckstrom – bass
Colin Croom – synth
J.P. Floyd – trombone
Mira Magrill – flute, bamboo flutes
Peter Manheim – drums, percussion
Zoe Miller – violin
Irvin Pierce – tenor saxophone
Brian Sanborn – guitar
Brandee Younger – harp
Jeremy Cunningham – drums, electronic drums
Wills McKenna – flute
Luke Sangerman – electronic drums
Knox Fortune – drum programming
Sen Morimoto – voice, saxophone
Carter Lang – wurlitzer drum machine, additional production
??? --- 11:47:03 13.6.2019
WENOUSH: ad ta nubya - patří k tý skvělý bandě , co se motá kolem petersona/brownswood/worldwide fm - všichni hrajou nebo hostujou se všema a na špatnou nahrávku nenarazíš..
WENOUSH --- 9:54:07 13.6.2019
Emanative - Earth strašně doporučuju, je to mixspiritual jazzu a world music se skvělými hosty (Idris Ackamoor, Heliocentrics, Collocutor etc.)

Nubya Garcia špička, kdo neznal, ať si doplní ;-)

A Maisha je kapela, kde Nubya hraje a loni vydali skvělý album (též takový spiritual jazz) There Is A Place.

Zara asi netřeba představovat, ale tahle pecka mě dostala.
WENOUSH --- 9:52:08 13.6.2019
Zara McFarlane with Dennis Bovell - East Of The River Nile
WENOUSH --- 9:51:39 13.6.2019
WENOUSH --- 9:51:31 13.6.2019
Nubya Garcia 'Lost Kingdom' at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards.
WENOUSH --- 9:51:16 13.6.2019
Hodím sem nějaké objevy za poslední dobu:
Emanative - Heaven's Mirror (feat. Idris Ackamoor & David Molina)
??? --- 12:38:52 22.3.2019
the comet is coming - trust in the lifeforce of the deep mystery [03/2019 ; impulse!]


[ https://turbobit.net/bpdol3z19ola.html ]

nikde nemůžu najít nákup digireleasu, desky vyprodaný..(
KOVOUN --- 12:10:23 24.1.2019
FAEKAL --- 17:00:31 7.1.2019
! Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen v květnu v Akropoli :)
Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen – Rachot