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Security, Privacy, Anonymity (ENGLISH)
Ask questions, place tips, anything to do with security, privacy and Anonymity in English. - VPN / TOR / I2P / FREENET - SOCKS / HTTP / WEB / SSH Proxies - Encryption / Web Security / Virus Information / Warnings - PGP / OpenPGP / GnuPG / GPG / OTR / BlowFish / OMEMO / AES / SSL / TLS
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MOR23 --- 12:38:36 6.4.2017
So, i will repost that message, Anyone who wants a RiseUP (www.riseup.net) account for free secure email, vpn etc let me know. :)
MOR23 --- 12:37:17 6.4.2017
TRYL: Check your PM, i send you the invites to sign up. Have fun :)
TRYL --- 10:57:37 6.4.2017
MOR23, i'd love a riseup account if you still have spare! :)
MOR23 --- 12:40:25 12.3.2017
FRANCIMOR: You could by the way also use KODI and some plugins to watch Czech series from anywhere, i have tested it for a friend. If you need more information on what plugins you need or how to install them, let me know.
MOR23 --- 18:41:29 27.2.2017
FRANCIMOR: To be honest, i would not recommend trying any free proxy for that, you KNOW it will be slow/not working. However there are tons of free proxy lists available around the web. It wouldnt be so hard to find any i think.
FRANCIMOR --- 7:07:32 4.1.2017
hi guys. Im in Australia and need Czech ip to watch sone czech series. All free vpn are slow to stream video. any sugestion?
MOR23 --- 19:53:16 29.12.2016
Looking for a secure way to communicate on your Desktop PC or Laptop? Try Cryptocat! The most simple way to have a secure conversation on your desktop. Download Cryptocat at http://crypto.cat

HASHEM --- 23:47:39 4.6.2016
HASHEM --- 23:28:40 4.6.2016
MOR23: As for the host, it's ok. Even Drupal (7.x) ! is working nicely there due enough memory limit etc. ;-)
Due security or privacy reasons you cannot set a webosting on Czech domains servers.
It's possibly anonymously and paying by an virtual pay card, btw ;-)
MOR23 --- 22:03:24 4.6.2016
HASHEM: To be honest i have never had the problem that Tor was blocked anywhere, i use it even to bypass most captive portals which require you to login using some credentials.

However, if you use Whonix it's also possible to do Tor over a VPN or SSH Tunnel to unblock it or to hide Tor usage from your ISP.
Tails is nice too but because it's amnesic it's not always as useful for daily usage as Whonix might be.

I will check out that host, however, i am very curious howhigh they value security, from experience I know that a lot of times shared and free hosts are not that secure and your nice website could be full of viagra ads installing malware in no time. :)