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Cowboy & Cowgirl style & [Wild] West style : Misto abys mluvi, hrajes, misto abys hral, mluvis.

Cowbojove a Cowgirls
- kde koupit hadry
- obrazky
- dziny, kone, pistole, klobouky, ...
- FILMY, serialy...

Sesterske/bratrske audity: [ Jeans Fetish ~ Dark Blue World. ] --- [ Girls with Guns ] --- [ SMOKING BLOKE ] --- [ SMOKING WOMAN ] --- [ Native American People - Tee-pee na NYXu ]
Nakupy: Klobouky od Tonaku
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OVERDRIVE --- 15:04:30 28.6.2014
Nejaky filmy vhodny k videni?

me se ted treba libil

Život a doba soudce Roye Beana / Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The (1972) | ČSFD.cz

rozhodne dobra cowbojka se zombakama jsou Waling Dead i kdyz to na prvni pohled neni az tak zrejme, ale ten styl tam je

OVERDRIVE --- 14:18:10 28.6.2014
OVERDRIVE: geeky ;]]]
OVERDRIVE --- 14:16:52 28.6.2014
OVERDRIVE --- 14:16:00 28.6.2014

my brother mac and i made our own press photos for the new song, he’s a really amazing photographer!

This is the first time I’ve been able to art direct my own press photos which makes me really happy. The look is an anime elf assassin who is a big fan of dolly parton and patsy cline. so stressed about releasing new music but at least now i can focus on more stuff instead of lingering

also we didn’t really have time to colour correct or whatever so they’re a bit dark cuz we caught the last sun - but we’ll prob make them better soon, pull out the orange tones but we have limited computer access rn

OVERDRIVE --- 14:11:18 28.6.2014
audit nastaven full-public
OVERDRIVE --- 14:11:05 28.6.2014