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Batman | Dark Knight Returns
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JUDAS --- 10:37:22 22.1.2018
o tomhle jsem vubec predtim necet...

Armie Hammer mel byt Batman v zrusenym filmu Justice League: Mortal

Justice League: Mortal | Batman Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Armie o jeho batoblecku:

"it did have a semblance of a battle-armor feel, but at the same time, because it was so character-specific, it was all made out of the finest materials. Because Batman has such incredible resources, his utility belt was made from the finest Italian leather and highly polished, and the things that would come out of his forearm, they were titanium but wrapped in very fine leather. I mean, it was all really well-done, very utilitarian. This was before Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight had come out, and this was going to be the first movie where Batman would be able to turn his head [in the cowl]. We had the first bat-suit that let the head turn, it just never got the chance to make it onto the screen"

a tresnicka:

"Superman and Wonder Woman had the most brutal fight with each other that you’ve ever seen. It would be like when two superheroes actually fight, like they destroy multiple cities, like by accident, because they don’t even see anything else other than trying to destroy the person in front of them, and it was incredible. I mean at one point they destroy an aircraft carrier by accident!"
AKISAN --- 18:04:18 1.12.2017
JUDAS: tak to se kurva tesim!
JUDAS --- 12:40:58 1.12.2017
『ニンジャバットマン』 New York Comic Con公開映像【2018年劇場公開予定】
JUDAS --- 12:34:16 27.11.2017
hmmm.. znamena to, ze Batman bude v Shazam filmu?

JUDAS --- 9:14:18 23.11.2017
GHOSTSTALKER: jako jo.. to tema z Burtonovejch Batmanu je jediny co me ba.. ale myslel sem ze sem ve filmu slysel zimmerovksky MoS tema.. ale na soundtracku neni vubec.. je tam kousek Williamsova Supermana ale jinac nic :(
GHOSTSTALKER --- 7:45:40 23.11.2017
JUDAS: Ten soundtrack je dost spatnej.
JUDAS --- 1:16:21 23.11.2017
hledam hledam soundtrack JLA a nemuzu ho pod Zimmerem najit a #ahaaaa, on ho delal Elfman :D

The Final Battle - Full Length (Justice League Soundtrack)