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Politicka situace v USA z pohledu konzervativce....
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??? --- 1:46:55 29.3.2013
Al Sharpton Educates Pope Francis on Race, Sissies and Prison Showers
??? --- 0:31:38 29.3.2013
House Democrats: “I’m Going To Be Very Honest With You… We’re In Trouble”…

Like clockwork around the quarterly fundraising deadlines Dems make all kinds of dire predictions of doom and gloom so their supporter cough up some money

Subject: Drew, we’re in real trouble:
From: Kelly Ward
Date: March 28, 2013 10:31:50 AM EDT
To: Drew

Drew –

I’m going to be very honest with you:

If we fall short right now, our chances of winning a Democratic House for President Obama are slim to none.

Here’s the deal: Our first quarterly fundraising deadline is in just 72 hours. John Boehner is already bragging about the $14.4 million that Republicans have raised to attack President Obama and protect their Tea Party buddies. If we want to take back the House, we can’t let them pummel us like this right out of the gate.

We’ve run the numbers and we can close the gap — but it’s going to take another 35,000 supporters stepping up before Sunday’s FEC fundraising deadline. We need you to be a part of this:

Name: Drew ****
Supporter record: 9610632
2013 Membership: Pending

The fundraising numbers we report for the first quarterly fundraising deadline of President Obama’s second term will show whether we can fight all the Republican attacks coming our way and build the early infrastructure that it’ll take to win.

If you’re as committed as I am to gaining a Democratic majority in 2014 — and hitting Republicans hard until then — donate whatever you can today:




??? --- 23:44:56 28.3.2013
KUKIDE: muzou na Euro.. budou na tom "urcite " lepe
KUKIDE --- 22:37:55 28.3.2013
China, Brazil Dump the Dollar for Trade
Economies: China and Brazil Ink Bilateral Trade Deal
??? --- 22:09:50 19.3.2013
Just how superficial is ABC? On Monday and Tuesday, the network allowed a mere 20 seconds to "outrage" over a plan by the European Union that would have seized ten percent of the money Cyprus residents had in their bank accounts. ABC's World News skipped the story entirely, as did Monday's Nightline. Good Morning America on Tuesday offered 20 seconds. In contrast, the program devoted over five minutes to important topics, such as the newest season of Dancing With the Stars.

MARSHUS --- 2:25:59 19.3.2013
jedna pro "stuffy old man"

BBC News - Republicans unveil plan to broaden minority appeal
??? --- 22:43:41 2.3.2013

George Will: Obama Has 'So Gone Over the Top in His Rhetoric He’s Even Losing the Mainstream Media'

Ingraham and Will 302 - YouTube
DR_COOPER --- 10:21:40 24.2.2013
??? --- 0:44:08 24.2.2013
??? --- 0:27:28 22.2.2013
Fun Fact Of The Day: One-Third Of Congressional Black Caucus Reps Have Been Under Ethics Investigations At Least Once…

And that doesn’t include former reps like my favorite, William “Cold Cash” Jefferson.

Jesse Jackson Jr. Indictment Further Damages Image Of Black Caucus - Investors.com

now call me racist...