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Polské hudební festivaly
Audioriver, Nowa Muzyka, OFF Festival, Up To Date, Unsound a další festivalové perly u polských sousedů...
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KEITHHSTER --- 13:42:05 27.10.2014
ať koukám jak koukám woodstock tu nevidim ? :))
YARIN --- 23:36:19 22.10.2014
jo a co vam vonelo nejvic? drone? bass? noise? mne noise, nestat to tak nekrestansky penize, beru ho po barelech. fakt krasne vybalancovana, intenzivni korenena vonka. AJ LAJK
YARIN --- 23:13:38 22.10.2014
MIKEH: pinhas byl uz ve stredu, ja dorazil tentokrat az ve ctvrtek, prosvihnul jsem i prej vynikajiciho containera se dvema bubenikama... a karen se kryla s carter tutti void, coz, uznej...
YARIN --- 23:12:06 22.10.2014
MIKEH: nevidel jsem, sorac! mozna nekdo jinej stihnul?
MIKEH --- 23:03:30 22.10.2014
YARIN: a co Karen Gwyer? a Richard Pinhas?
YARIN --- 15:15:19 22.10.2014
Unsound 2014: Kde sny začínají a nekončí | Festivalový průvodce
TRAUCHER --- 14:48:40 22.10.2014
YARIN: nj,umelci... :)
YARIN --- 14:48:01 22.10.2014
hodinu urcite, ale mel strasnej skluz, tak to zpetne nedokazu rict:/
TRAUCHER --- 14:33:10 22.10.2014
YARIN: ako dlho hral Bug?
YARIN --- 14:24:52 22.10.2014
jeste k bugovi, kterej byl naprosto masakrozni, z jeho fakbuku:

"Couldnt help but feel very sorry for Liz Harris(AKA Grouper) last night..Having said she had never hear anything so loud before, and looked visibly VERY shocked when ALOT of shit fell from the ceiling during soundcheck, insult was added to injury when the smoke machine operator unilaterally decided to completely shroud me and Liz(And actually Copeland), in ten tons of dry ice...So much so that only she and me could actually see each other for the first 15 minutes...LOL...And also considering the MCS had zero monitoring, and my monitoring reduced everything to the sound of a insanely distorted washing machine, it was MIRACULOUS, that last night was basically a FUCKIN RIOT, crowdwise and oceanically deep atmospherically....And that according to so many people after the show, the set COMPLETELY DESTROYED from front to back of the huge hall...In fact Bill Koulagis said he had never seen UNSOUND go OFF like that in all the years he had been coming..And also as is becoming increasingly regular now, a manic moshpit became the order of the day/night..Hilarious how bad the onstage sound was considering we spent about 4 fuckin hours at the soundcheck..BUT seein the levels of insanity coming back from the crowd it was another grin and bare it, testament to audience energy...thank U !
Major respect to Mat/UNSOUND for making a dream literally happen by ensuring 5 of the 'Angels & Devils' vocal crew were actually able to perform with me for the first time live. And what a joy it was to witness the pre-planned/pre-rehearsed set unravel slowly, mercilessly into pure, live evil...It was a joy to see row upon row of gyals/guys, nerds/ravers/doomheadz/beatfreakz completely losing the plot, more and more as the set rolled on as an irresistible force was unleashed by the synergy.A BOOM time...My don dada sound engineer Goh, the incredible mcs and myself had to work hard to turn sonic shit into gold last night as that room really is an accoustic nightmare and that rig seemed vastly underpowered in the mids, and overpowered in the subs...BUT i was really humbled and touched by the response of the audience during the show and the amazing feedback from peeps after...Will stay in my mind for many reasons..Special is an understatement. A multitude of mad memories from a particulrly special event. You really had to have been there..
PS Despite lookin still shellshocked afterwards the icing on the cake was Liz, sayin in "No, ireally did enjoy it"...hahs
PPS Did i forget to mention the singers/mcs were red hot last night, it was an honour to share a stage with them...indeed.
And again last night was dedicated to the memory of Stephen Gordon aka The Spaceape. RIP"