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Art Deco - univerzální dekorativní styl | architekruta, design, kultura, zabava...
[http://www.opticaljump.com/Images/Art%20Deco%20Poster%20Smallest.jpg] Wiki: "Art deco je univerzální dekorativní styl, který se rozšířil především v Evropě a v USA ve 20. a 30. letech dvacátého století v průmyslu a řemesle. Nese rysy mnoha směrů, především kubismu, futurismu a secese."

V klubu vitam vse, co se alespon okrajove tyka Art Deco - fotky architektury, plakaty, doplnky, filmy, hry, udalosti nebo jen ciste informace... Kdo chce prozkoumat Art Deco do hloubky tak jako ja, je tu vitan...

Zaciname nejdrive zde: wikipedia (english / cesky)
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1930 Henderson custom
The machine is apparently based on a 1930 Henderson—presumably the 100 mph (160 km/h) Streamline model—and was built in 1936 by a gent called O. Ray Courtney. As a marque, Henderson is unfortunately consigned to the annals of history, despite a short-lived attempt to revive the name in the late 90s. But until its demise in 1931, the Excelsior Motor Mfg. & Supply Co.—the owner of the Henderson brand—was one of the ‘Big Three’ American motorcycle manufacturers, along with Harley-Davidson and Indian.




DESEO_MORTAL --- 18:39:13 14.7.2010
nedavno jsem videl film http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098658/ pekna podivana pro milovniky ad, stejne tak jako Salo, aneb 120 dni sodomy
DESEO_MORTAL --- 18:35:12 14.7.2010
shanim fotografie a reprodukce fotografii z 20-30tzch let, muyske aktz, art deco a modernismus.... vi nekdo?
pokud ne, tak mi dejte vedet, kdyz na nejake narazite
DESEO_MORTAL --- 18:34:03 14.7.2010
diiiky za tenhle klub!
??? --- 4:58:25 10.6.2010
1938 Phantom Corsair - http://www.flickr.com/photos/uberschnap/184635219/

This very unusual six-passenger coupe was designed by Rust Heinz, a member of the H. J. Heinz (57 Varieties) family. The design was a joint effort of Heinz and Maurice Schwartz of the custom body firm Bohman & Schwartz in Pasadena, California. Heinz' creation, costing approximately $24,000 in 1938, featured aerodynamic engineering, front-wheel-drive, electric gear shift, four speeds forward and a Cord V-8 Lycoming engine which was modified by Andy Granatelli. Built on a modified Cord 810 chassis, the car's lower frame was made of chrome molybdenum steel and the upper frame was constructed of electrically welded aviation steel tubing. The allow steel and aluminum body had no running boards, fenders or door handles. The doors were opened at the touch of buttons located on the outside and on the instrument panel. The interior was padded throughout with cork and rubber for safety, sound proofing, and insulation.

In addition o the normal instruments found in a stock Cord panel there were oil temperature, manifold vacuum and fuel economizer gauges, battery charge level indicator, altimeter, barometer and compass. Four persons sat across the front seat and two in the back seat, facing the rear. Approximate top speed was 115 mph. Heinz planned to put the Phantom Corsair into limited production at an estimated selling price of $12,500. His death, however, shortly after the car was completed, ended those plans.
HYPNOGEN --- 18:37:13 6.4.2010