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folklóóry celého světa / authentic recordings
"Děda Lipár, jaký to bývali kontráš! A oni nevěděli, co je Cé lebo septýma. Dybys ím byl rekél: Včilkaj budeme hrát v ámol, pléskli by ťa šmycem po ušoch a pověděli by: Počúvaj, jak ide melódyja, a hotovo."
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SUBHAM --- 18:42:39 27.4.2017
The Global Jukebox

Global Jukebox je projekt folkloristy Alana Lomaxe. Vytyčil si úkol, který měl později obrovský vliv na muzikologickou metodiku a s ní spojené antropologické zkoumání: zjistit, jaké podoby může mít ve světě folklorní hudba. Terénnímu výzkumu zasvětil takřka celý svůj život (jedna z prvních nahrávek pochází už z roku 1941). Jeho archiv, čítající data o více než tisíci světových kulturách, se teď konečně dočkal digitalizace. Asociace pro kulturní rovnost (ACE) patnáct let po smrti svého zakladatele zveřejnila interaktivní mapu s více než šesti tisíci písněmi z celého světa. Tím však kulturní osvěta nekončí – Anna Lomax Wood, dcera slavného folkloristy, se nechala slyšet, že v archivech ACE leží další tisíce hudebních svědectví, která čekají na zveřejnění.
FLU --- 19:00:08 21.1.2017
Inuit: 55 Historical Recordings of Traditional Greenlandic Music 1905-1987


VA_Inuit55HistoricalRecordi…rar (175,33 MB) - uploaded.net

Sub Rosa - inuit

Recorded in several places in Greenland and Canada from 1905 to 1987. Compiled by the Danish ethnomusicologist Michael Hauser for his book 'Traditional Greenlandic Music' published by ULO in 1992, edited by Karsten Sommer. This record, published a few years ago only in Greenland by Ulo, released on Sub Rosa in 2000.
FLU --- 5:49:38 3.1.2017
VA - The Sacred Drones of West Kalimantan


TheSacredDronesOfWestKalima…rar (103,72 MB) - uploaded.net

The Sacred Drones of West Kalimantan – Tresno Records

The Sacred Drones of West Kalimantan is a sound documentary, a record in which every nuance of Kayan’s and Taman’s daily life and rituals is present, not to mention unexpected moments of nature’s manifestations. You’ll hear ancient chants, bronze percussions sending people into a state of trance, smokey dances that smell like swamp and somehow remind what Tom Waits was creating in his first years, the traditional lutes of Borneo (both the sape’/sapek/sapeq Kenyah and the Kayan ones are present, alongside Taman’s belikan, which makes this record the very first source where it is listenable) and magic rituals: these are some of the aspects you’ll fall in love with, because this is simply a marvellous, meaningful sonic experience. A deep glance cast over a wild portion of Indonesia which is still unknown even to the Indonesians themselves, let alone western world; an extremely detailed survey of one of the oldest drone musics of Asia.

The download of the album comes with a twenty-five pages booklet (including a photographic appendix) in which every aspect of Dayak’s life and music is investigated, thus making the listener able to dive into this astonishing sonic universe.

Close your eyes and brace yourselves: this is a journey into sound dimensions we barely know, but which are close to our hearts in ways we could ever imagine. Mastered by Colossius at QuasiStudio, Florence; cover by Serena Doe.

The sales of this album will be allocated to the village of Datah Diaan.
FLU --- 21:13:56 28.4.2016
jeste prihodim jednu starsi kompilacku mapujici hudbu z filipinskych Kordiler ze severu ostrova Luzon...

VA - Music from the Mountain Provinces


VA - Music from the Mountain Provinces (2014).rar | Ulož.to
FLU --- 20:59:14 28.4.2016
Ragnar Johnson – Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang Windim / Mambu (2016)


Madang2016.rar (208,31 MB) - uploaded.net

Recorded in 1976 by Ragnar Johnson and assisted by Jessica Mayer, the two discs were originally released as separate albums in 1979 and then as separate CDs in 1999, but now you can get your New Guinea sacred flute fix in one handy location.

If you come to this party expecting audacious rhymes about the woes of being a celebrity, you’re at the wrong party, because Sacred Flute Music from New Guinea: Madang / Windim Mabu is straight-up “recordings of men in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea blowing sacred flutes to make the cries of spirits, pairs of long bamboo male and female flutes played for ceremonies in the coastal villages near the Ramu river, Ravoi flutes from Bak accompanied by two garamut (carved wooden slit gongs), Jarvan flutes from Awar accompanied by a shell rattle, Mo-mo resonating tubes recorded in the Finisterre Range, and more.”
FLU --- 20:56:35 28.4.2016
VA – Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 (2016)


Music of 320

Since 1999, Atlanta’s Dust-To-Digital has stayed true to their mission “to produce high-quality, cultural artifacts.” This four-disc set of field recordings by expatriate writer, composer, and translator Paul Bowles is no exception.

In 1972, the Library of Congress issued a double LP from Bowles’ landmark 1959 journey across most regions of Morocco, recording professional and amateur musicians alike. Financed by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, the trip was made in five different jaunts and in 22 villages and towns. It netted 250 performances on some 65 hours of tape. It is a legendary document. It was the only one of its kind until 2002 when the Moroccan Ministry of Culture issued a limited edition of the Anthologie de la Musique Marocaine, a 31-CD set eventually expanded to 66 discs).

Bowles recorded performances public and private, some captured by happenstance, others formally organized, and still others arranged by the Moroccan government. Some were done merely for the sake of capturing the sound of certain instruments, many were for the purpose of providing evidence of an unfathomably large musical landscape and diverse culture Bowles believed to be in the process of being destroyed by modernity. Sound itself was paramount in his world and informed all of his work no matter the discipline. That, along with the “hypnotic” character he loved so dearly in Moroccan music, is what is best represented. Evidence of the latter is more prevalent here than it was on the original albums. (To present as much of what he recorded as possible in the LP format, performances — many 10-15 minutes in length — had to be edited greatly.)
This is not the work of an ethnomusicologist. Notes are not as detailed as they should be, and Bowles reveals his own preferences and prejudices. None of that diminishes the importance of this music because Bowles was the first to document these sounds for general release.

Philip D. Schuyler compiled and produced this greatly expanded collection with complete approval of the author, who died in 1999. It contains 31 tracks instead of 26. It does not follow the original running order, but does adhere to the broad classifications of Berber and non-Berber music on the album. It contains complete performances, not edits. Bowles also made one addition: “El Fjer (Tangier): Early Morning Calls to Prayer” on disc four sums up his M.O. nicely. Recorded at night, it contains the sounds of people, roosters, dogs, and a passing truck. The expanded performances of the music provide listeners with a sense of what Bowles heard in them: A vehicle for hypnosis by sound. Raw, immediate, sometimes jarring, they contain small timbral differences in their cyclic nature, serving to draw listeners almost inescapably into their world.

Schuyler offers a detailed, lengthy, historical and musicological essay, and Bowles’ original notes are included with annotations from the producer. Maps and diagrams are provided from the journey, as are photographs. Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 is kinetic, vibrant, problematic, and artfully presented for the ages — just as it should be.
YARRDESH --- 21:41:37 28.2.2016
pomerne vyzivnej blog kavkazsky hudby
Kafkas Müzikleri-Kavkaz Music: Zikir
YARRDESH --- 21:39:53 28.2.2016
sufijskej zikr v cecensku.
Chechen female zikr : opening
MILHAUZ --- 11:04:22 3.12.2015
tohle jsem si dnes rano daval na LP, velka parada!

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