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Malujeme, kreslíme ale nevíme co,.a naopak.
Tato diskuse vznikla na základě různých zvěstí a popudů že existuje spousta kreativnich lidi kteří nevědí co kreslit a přitom mají skill. Budou se zde objevovat nápady které každý může zpracovat libovolnou formou. Podmínkou je že žádna část textu nebo konečné práce nesmí být druhou nebo jinou stranou použita bez souhlasu autora. V podstatě podle zásad slušného chováni ;). Have fun...
Kdo bude mit jakykoli napad ci kresbu ktera ceka na oziveni v pribehu, napiste at to muzem pripichnout na nastenku. Pro zacatek je tu tema od NIKOPOLA a popis characteru s kratkou scenkou ktere vam na zacatek vytvoril llGHOSTll. Tak huray do toho! ..tvorte, piste ;)

Derek Reign: A athletic man in his thirties, working as an accountant in a big company. He wears usualy a suit in his job but in „normal“ life he prefers to wear jeans, leather jacket, or some sportish like clothing. He always has a clean cut and he looks damn fine with the morning stubble on his face. His brown hair are cut into fine cut(clive owen in Sin City). His K-Swiss sneakers are probably the finest one he has. But he never hesitates to take a big, heavy army like boots. Anyway he is a fine looking man with strong look and square face.

Tyra Scream: Nice girl with soft silk skin and long black hair. She wears modern khaki pants scrolled up to the knees and heavy boots. White t-shirt or a shirt with vest with many pockets. And sometimes she wear a cap. On her left wrist you can see a scar. Well she is a biomech so what do you expect. She has a pocket watch which chain you can see going on her pants. Two or three neckales some with crosses on her neck and big leather wrist bands.

Stan McGrath: Stan is an older bald headed full bearded guy with a look of a killer. He is wearing t-shirts with uknown band names and his body is tatooed to the limit. His pants god knows where from are always dirty but his guns are like washed in mr.clean. You can see he is becoming a bit fat but hell he is in very good shape.

Derek is standing in a room full of lost letters and unimportant papers. It´s late night in Terria and light in this room saw its better days. Tyra stare at him with an unbelief on her face. He won´t move a muscle on his face. She bows her head down and thinks about what she just heard. Suddenly a door slam booms through everybody´s ears. A man in his fifties but still in a good shape slowly enters the room. Tyra just hid in a shadow while Derek stands not givin any signs of surprise.
Stan(S): Good evening, Mr. Reign.
Derek(D): I know that voice. Would you step into the light an show us your face? I thought it will be you.
Tyra(T): Stan McGrath. I should expect this.
S: You definetely should, but you didn´t.
D: Do you expect me to give up without a fight?
S: Yes, actually I was going through this conversation many times.
D: And you never expected me being so calm when facing death right?
S: Yeah, but everyone screams. Eventualy.
Stan takes out his gun with a swift move and points out to Derek. Tyra kicks his hand and he drops the gun to the ground. Accidental shot will come out and suddenly an empty darkness embraces the room. Derek is fuzzy and he is not even able to snad still. Tyra defends him while he is not able to control his legs and passes out with a strange vision as always. A lucen body with a face of angel is coming out of the fog. Slowly walking towards Derek with tens of little fast embryos chained with navel string to her body. She wants to say something but Derek can´t hear it. The fight is all over Stan fled. Tyra fled with fury on her face letting Derek lie on the ground in dusty room with old papers. Only Myth was there staring at him like it was his own reflection.


prvni jednodusi je s tematem "nechci radar" aneb proc tu stavet neco, co bude prioritnim cilem vsech, kterym to neslouzi a zaroven zrovna neposluhujou americe
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
ZOUZALINKA --- 16:19:17 18.9.2012
Odkaz na soutěž, která by vás mohla zajímat

113KW --- 0:49:28 22.6.2012
sem si tak cmarala u piva a prisel tenhle a rika mi prej:



PINDRUSEE --- 17:41:41 29.2.2012
RADKA1985 --- 16:37:09 4.12.2011
3d modely casti tela v ruznych uhlech. zaujalo me to, ale nekreslim, tak spis coby inspirace pro jine.... http://www.posemaniacs.com/
ANA_KISS --- 22:16:43 3.11.2011
@BARUSS: Super obchod je Altamira, je to u Národky ve Skořepce. Je to tam sice malý a ne úplně zadarmo, ale mají tam super věci...jinak po Praze jich je fakt mraky, stačí se kouknout na google a najdeš jich fakt spousty ;-)
BARUSSS --- 21:14:20 30.8.2011
Můžete mi doporučit nějaký dobrý obchod s malířskými potřebami?
KERB --- 12:53:20 18.7.2011
cau zkuste se mrknout sem http://www.etershop.cz/hodnoceni a treba se zapojit a privydelat si :)
AMSTERDAM --- 20:25:14 18.6.2011
novy kreslici krouzek.. cim hure, tim lepe :) [ POZNEJ OSOBNOST PODLE JEDNODUCHEHO OBRAZKU ]
KAROLEC --- 23:04:53 21.4.2011
Sámoška n.2 a Veletrh kreativního umění: http://www.underground-production.cz/?page_id=23
Tvůrce, ale samozřejmě také nejen je, by mohla tato akce zajímat. ;)