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LEGI --- 18:14:06 15.4.2004
MIK: to je sprchova hadice, co maj kolem krku? :)
DYSMUSAX --- 20:16:12 5.3.2004
Badawi "Final Warning" ....nádhera
GOBLIN --- 19:47:38 31.12.2003
krasny vanocni darek...

Sandspider_-_Music_For_An_Imaginary_Film-2003-MYCEL je dle meho nazoru velice povedene album...
MIK --- 13:48:13 4.8.2003
vidna obmana na moj vkus velmi vydarene, silne, a dokazala som bez pohnutia sediet uz po piatich min koncertu az do konca, co malo za nasledok netuseny prival energie po skonceni koncertu...
minimal moving mikro projekcia skvele doplnala hudbu :)

subj: jeden z tych lepsich zazitkov, co uz o koncerte hafler trio az tak tvrdit nemozem
MAR_Q --- 2:42:31 23.6.2003
zajimalo by me, jak dopad vidna obmana... hudba... videoprojekce... atp... mik?? ;-)))
MIK --- 13:55:11 3.6.2003
zvlastni nedelni vecerni program v Jeleni
!!!!Bigbaby v Praze!!!!

rozmernou mobilni svetelnou a zvukovou skulpturu videnske umelecke skupiny
budete mit sanci videt jediny vecer 8.cervna v Praze, vzadu na parkovisti u

audiovizualni ambientni performance zacina ve 22. hodin od 21. je otevrena
prenosna polni kuchyne.

bigbaby je projekt Klause Filipa, red white, a cynthe schewertsik.

engl. despcription:

a baby that stays a baby, because it wants to develop something that we are
wont to forget - to take time.
it was formed during a timehole by red white with special support of ulrich
hirzel at chateau de monthelon, bourgogne, france. brought to life with know
how and help of cynthia schwertsik and klaus filip. bigbaby was first awoken
on the 9.9.1999 at the place of its birth.

\"If you watch the curve of science and everything we know, it shoots up like
a rocket. We\'re on this rocket and we\'re going perfectly vertical into the
stars. But the emotional intelligence of humankind is equally if not more
important than our intellectual intelligence. We\'re just as emotionally
illiterate as we were 5,000 years ago; so emotionally our line is completely
horizontal. The problem is the horizontal and the vertical are getting
farther and farther apart. And as these things grow apart, there\'s going to
be some kind of consequence of that.\" (G.L., wired 2/97)

the different modes of the sculpture:
1: by daylight, or in a lighted space - it is a static object with sound.
2: at night, or in a dark space - it sleeps, glowing, roaming and sounding
from the inside.
3: bigbaby wakes up with the assistance of people, who through their actions
like the altering and adjusting of light, the production of sounds and the
simple human pleasure of movement cast shadow of themselves and other
paraphernalia onto its opaque skin.
babyloops_128k babyloops_48k
the performance:
picture a spaceship, people inside a very limited space, unaware of the
surrounding world beyond - but observable from the outside.

life inside the bigbaby is visible through it\'s surface - to be seen as ever
changing shadows & colours, to be heard in fragments of language, growing &
falling, changing size & dimension.
length: 5,50 m
width: 1,88 m
height: 3,50 m
weight: 1000 kg
acrylglass (sandblasted)
oak, ash
ca 50 dimmable 12v lamps, manual- or computer controlled
soundsystem, electronics
12v truck-batteries
motors, air, water, helium
CONTRAS --- 10:04:09 2.6.2003
ONEIROS --- 5:20:09 16.5.2003
No teda vypadá to moc moc pěkně...