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PSYSBEE --- 14:05:36 31.3.2010

- da se pod drumbient zaradit i toto? Spousta fajn setu, ktery momentalne posloucham asi nejvic..
ELS --- 13:24:25 26.3.2010
Milieu - Of the apple (2007)


Label: Second Sun Recordings
Released: 03 Apr 2007
Style: Ambient

Milieu is Brian Grainger. Brian Grainger started making music somewhere after his parents' divorce in 1997. He played multiple instruments in a number of different bands and projects, teaching himself how to play guitar, drums, bass and keyboard without the aid of classical training. In 2001, Brian began dabbling in psychedelic and ambient music, and by 2002 he became interested in writing computer-produced (but still organic) songs. Doing simple recordings with a four-track, guitar, organ and a drum machine, he adopted the Parallax moniker and slowly progressed into a unique and expressive aesthetic for himself. By May of 2004, Brian had completed 6 albums under the Parallax name before retiring it and releasing music as Milieu. Brian currently lives with his wife Sophia and his pets in Columbia, South Carolina.


1 Morning Beacon (4:34)
2 We Live In The Trees (4:05)
3 Long Droned Summer (7:21)
4 Sandal Weave (5:54)
5 Woodland Beacon (1:10)
6 The Earth As Our Pillow (6:00)
7 Canopy (4:34)
8 Stone Chapel/Statuettes 2 (14:24)
9 Stretched Across The Sky (3:38)
10 Midnight Beacon (2:24)
11 Oceans (7:05)
12 Untitled (15:40)


pass: redizork
ELS --- 11:11:30 26.3.2010
Milieu - Remodelled (2007)


Label: Boltfish Recordings
Country: UK
Released: 26 Apr 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: IDM, Downtempo, Ambient

01. hidden paths
02. elep
03. forest (fast edit)
04. as summer blooms
05. auburn morning winds
06. biketrails 2
07. lazer rinq
08.sway blue waters
09. thrum
10. blackwood moth
11. snowhill
12. pileus (infinite edit)
13. cumulus drones
14. glasshill (gravel bank)
15. narthex

AMBIENTIUM --- 15:26:11 25.3.2010

Evanescent illusions, a vanishing point on the horizon. Illusive artisans forging the intangible against the edge of consciousness. Carving Mirages is the first installment of the new Chillbasics compilation series. An invitation for you to enter the dream and experience the oasis with some of the best new artists in the world of Psychill today. Enjoy!

Various - Chillbasics Vol. 1 Carving Mirages
Label: Chillbasement
Catalog#: CBASE003
Format: 14 x File, Compilation, FLAC/MP3 VBR/Ogg Vorbis
Country: Croatia
Released: 20 Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, Breaks, Glitch, IDM, Ambient, Downtempo, Modern Classical, Experimental

01. Mythematica - Nam Bandara
02. Field Rotation - Zeitreise
03. Ambientium - The Balance
04. Reii - Bleep
05. Note - Everyday Basis
06. Fat Cat - AliensPlay
07. Atombased - Perplexed
08. AstroPilot - Tree Of The Perception
09. Alkor - One Day Above the Clouds
10. ZKA4T - History For Sale
11. bOb tracKer - UIS 555
12. Oddi - Rebirth
13. Xerxes - One-Oh-Three (Timeless Edit)
14. Hybrid Leisureland - Space Light

Illustration by Daniel Spacek

Compiled By Ambientium, Atom Based, Evan Munn, Mythematica
Mastered By Matous Godik

Download FLAC
Download MP3 VBR
MUABI --- 22:39:42 26.2.2010
celkem by me treba zajimal interpret ke skladbě v prvním partu 83. minutě.
MUABI --- 0:12:33 26.2.2010
osobne nejradsi mam jen cd1
ale z cd2 me pokazde dostane .Altus-Finale + Blueberry .
vzdy me potom mrazi po tele. :)
MUABI --- 22:55:35 25.2.2010
jen bych upozornil že většina tracku je navic promichana jeste ruznymi ambientnimi plochami, jako přiroda, hlasy lidi, děti, někdy sekvence z filmu atpod.
MUABI --- 21:54:01 25.2.2010
PSYSBEE: jestli se ti tenhle libil, sosni si i tenhle, jsem zvedavej na tve reakce.

MUABI - Final Fantasy In Dreaming / 2007-08




01.Hans Zimmer-Vespertillo (Batman Begins)
02.Hideyo Blackmoon-Watter From Desert
03.Malik Trey-Sleep Shadow
04.Nithin Sawhney-Void
05.Hans Zimmer-Somalia 1993 & Hunger Is The Weapon
06.Hideyo Blackmoon-Liquid Emotion
07.???-Pleasure Impact
08.Shulman-Eternal Bliss Of The Grateful
09.KLF-Dream Time In Lake Jackson
13.Michael Stearn-Finale (Baraka)
15.Asura-Requiem From Nowhere

Download CD1


01.Cass & Slide-Opera
02.Syndromedia-China On The Move
03.Syndromedia-The Resurection
05.Phoneheads & The Duesseldorf Symphonic Orchestra-Syrinx
07.???-Mysanthia (chaser remix)
09.Solar Fields-Something Crystal
10.Younger Brother-Psychic Gibbon
11.H.U.V.A. Network-Orientations
12.???-??? (Mimo-Tv)
13.Altan Urag-??? (track01)

Bonus track:
14.Basil Pouledaris-Theology - Civilization

Download CD2 part1
Download CD2 part2
PSYSBEE --- 17:13:38 24.2.2010
MUABI:tenhle se mi tenkrat hodne libil, sosnu i ty ostatni.
MUABI --- 22:03:20 23.2.2010
Muabi - Space Chillout-Emotional Rebirth 2006
Traclist nemám

Download: http://uploaded.to/file/4x6z0g