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VESNACH --- 15:19:36 29.3.2012
Thailand has banned MMA.

The Thai sports ministry ruled this week that MMA is “too brutal” and it is henceforth prohibited to stage MMA events in the South-East Asian country.

Ministers said that mixed martial arts is “causing erosion” to the sport of Muay Thai and “damaging the image” of Thailand’s native martial art.

However, there are those in the fledgling Thai MMA industry who think that the government may have been pressured or swayed by the Muay Thai industry.

Muay Thai is huge business in Thailand. It fills arenas all over the country, generates a lot of tourist traffic, airs on television a lot and provides employment for a large swathe of young men who would be otherwise unengaged.

MMA is very new to Thailand but it had the potential to steer would-be star Thai boxers into the cage instead of into the Muay Thai ring. While it has yet to produce any serious MMA contenders, its rich combat sports pedigree meant it was probably only a matter of time.

Former Thai boxers such as Rambaa Somdet and Yodsanan Sityodtong have transitioned to MMA with various levels of success, but the real money would come from someone being able to emulate the kind of international success that Buakaw Por. Pramuk managed when he transitioned to K-1.

None of that will have been seen as beneficial to the Muay Thai industry, which is notoriously conservative, and so MMA has been dealt a crippling blow before being able to get off the ground properly. The ban does not affect MMA training, which - ironically - numerous camps are beginning to offer.

zdroj: Fighters Only Staff
VESNACH --- 14:39:25 28.3.2012
【新極真会】第27回全関西大会 中量級 準々決勝 2 - YouTube

rano po tomhle muselo bejt tezky.. :)

【新極真会】第27回全関西大会 軽量級 準々決勝 4 - YouTube

pekna bitva.

VESNACH --- 9:43:55 28.3.2012
VESNACH --- 22:37:51 27.3.2012
"True courage is born only when it is accompanied by justice." ~Mas Oyama~

"No matter how strong the rival, the just will always win." ~Mas Oyama~

"If you do not overcome your tendency to give up easily, your life lead to nothing." ~Mas Oyama~

PODFUCK: tady jich par mas http://www.southdeltakyokushin.ca/about/quotes.html jinak hagakure a the art of war z tech chronicky znamych, jiny cteni pro youdy me aktualne nenapada.
PODFUCK --- 15:43:18 27.3.2012
Znate nejaky dobry citaty tykajici se boje?
VESNACH --- 14:28:05 26.3.2012
КУДО Лучшие моменты 16.03.2012 г..mp4 - YouTube

Kudo far east region of Russia championship held 16.03.2012 highlights.
VESNACH --- 9:48:43 23.3.2012
LOGO: tak ja to sem hodil ciste jako opozitu k tomu bonesovi :) oboji je podobna medialni saskarna, ktera bilancuje nekde mezi pousmanim se a trapnosti.
VESNACH --- 9:44:19 23.3.2012
podle mma pravidel.
VESNACH --- 9:43:47 23.3.2012
Шамхал Керимов vs. Матей Трухан ("Битва под Москвой 6") - YouTube

Kudo v praxi: Shamkhal Kerimov (RUS) (2 x World Kudo Champion, bily trenky s rudou hvezdou) vs. Matey Truhan (HRV) (strakaty trenky venum)