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quantel - znate? pracujete s nim? pada vam? rady, triky, novinky
vyrobce cele rady nastroju pro postprodukci filmu a videa



Quantel has been at the forefront of the use of digital technology as a creative tool for the last 30 years and it is now using its vast experience to create tools for the new digital age - covering everything from terrestrial and multi-channel television, to broadband internet, DVD and d-cinema.

Quantel’s generationQ is a radical, all-encompassing, new concept that offers total scalability in both hardware and software across post production, graphics and broadcast for multiple resolution, team-working production environments. With its sQ server technology, the company produces the world's most popular server-based newsroom systems; its iQ machine is responsible for more digital intermediate work, in more suites, in more countries than any other system; and with eQ it is leading the global transition towards HD production workflows.

Since completing a management buyout in 2000, the company is now privately owned and employs nearly 500 people worldwide. It is headquartered in Newbury, UK and has offices in the USA, mainland Europe, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea and Australia.
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EXXXE --- 23:03:19 14.1.2017
EXXXE --- 13:08:59 20.11.2012
trochu pozde..
ALI --- 12:43:37 20.11.2012
wau zeby konecne...

V5.2 rev 4 - Now Released for Post (Pablo, iQ, eQ and Pablo PA)

New Feature Headlines
Mocha Planar tracker and Quantel Point tracker in MLTFX
Combining of eyes to make a stereo clip – sync options now include first frame, TC or playhead
Split/make stereo clip to/from V1 and V2 on the timeline
Blend modes and opacity between colour cascades
Plugins available within colour cascades
Naming of MLTFX effects modules
R,G,B viewing modes
Blur – separate R,G,B channel blur
Option to rename cascades in key menu
Multiple non-contiguous segment select (yellow) for both video and audio
Segment select based on colour highlights
Multiple track and segment audio level adjust (includes copy and paste of audio fades)
Update group range select
EXR export with ACES support
ACES support for F65 and ARRI raw
Option to specify a share location/network drive for look-up tables
Export – support for XDCAM
Import / softmount and Export – SStP (Sony SRMASTER) support
Import / softmount – GoPro .mp4 support
F1 menu to reduce MLT menu updates to improve player performance
New keyboard shortcuts
A red border is now visible around the render box to indicate a render mis-match to the output setting
STL subtitle code page support
EXXXE --- 16:16:10 22.8.2012
MUCKER: nejak jo ;)
MUCKER --- 14:07:43 22.8.2012
.)) prej si uz nejak se na to vykaknul v telce...
EXXXE --- 11:28:12 21.8.2012
tak u toho zase sedim. a docela z toho mam radost :) sive v4, ale lepsi nez smokem do oka
ALI --- 14:58:09 9.8.2012
po par zpravach mam pocit, ze by mohlo existovat jeden vfx klub (mimo 3d teda), kde by to aspon zilo.

dohromady s temito

[ vfx, cgi, filmove efekty - tvorba, making of, rady, zajimave linky ]
[ SHAKE & NUKE_Advanced digital effects compositing ]
EXXXE --- 8:07:11 3.8.2012
ALI: bordel tady asi nevadi. nicmene myslim, ze na nyxu moc grejdaru nebude