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quantel - znate? pracujete s nim? pada vam? rady, triky, novinky
vyrobce cele rady nastroju pro postprodukci filmu a videa



Quantel has been at the forefront of the use of digital technology as a creative tool for the last 30 years and it is now using its vast experience to create tools for the new digital age - covering everything from terrestrial and multi-channel television, to broadband internet, DVD and d-cinema.

Quantel’s generationQ is a radical, all-encompassing, new concept that offers total scalability in both hardware and software across post production, graphics and broadcast for multiple resolution, team-working production environments. With its sQ server technology, the company produces the world's most popular server-based newsroom systems; its iQ machine is responsible for more digital intermediate work, in more suites, in more countries than any other system; and with eQ it is leading the global transition towards HD production workflows.

Since completing a management buyout in 2000, the company is now privately owned and employs nearly 500 people worldwide. It is headquartered in Newbury, UK and has offices in the USA, mainland Europe, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea and Australia.
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ALI --- 3:31:33 3.8.2012
Premejslim o zalozeni klubu venujiciho se gradingu (barevne korekce, primarne filmu a videa) na nyxu - ale chtel bych nejdriv vedet, jestli to tu nekoho vubec zajima. Co myslite?

Radsi do mailu, at tu neni bordel.

EXXXE --- 14:46:32 16.4.2012
tai smoke je teda strasna sracka, zlatej quantel...
EXXXE --- 0:13:28 28.1.2012
jo ui... ale pisnicka pekna :))) to uz musi mit clovek naklikano na takovy frajerinky ;)
ALI --- 18:49:14 27.1.2012
jojo, ja si pamatuju svoje zacatky na flameu... sice jsem manual procetl od zacatku do konce dvakrat, ale tam to taky skoncilo .)

kdyz se na tom naucis, umi to skvely veci, ale ja to ui nikdy neprekousl, umim v tom jenom zaklady.

a tady pisnicka!

The Flame - YouTube
EXXXE --- 18:00:28 27.1.2012
zatim nevim, jeste ani neumim zalozit projekt, je to uplne jiny
ALI --- 15:02:36 27.1.2012
jinak Quantel V5.1 rev 8_P4 released
ALI --- 15:01:37 27.1.2012
EXXXE: hezky, to sem zvedavej, kolik tu tech kvantelu za chvili zbyde .)
EXXXE --- 15:46:49 8.1.2012
hmm to uz se me moc netyka. archivujeme projekty a cteme manualy na smoke 2012...
ALI --- 0:11:22 8.1.2012
V5.1 rev 8_P1 is now available as a release across our post product range and is available for download from the Quantel website.

This is a good bug fix release so I would recommend that you upgrade to it. Full details are in the release notes on the website, but we have also added some great new features that I hope will also be welcomed.

New Feature Headlines
All stereo display modes available on the main output
Colour – 120 GBR and adjustable vector ball orientation
Neo – MLTFX Groups functionality mapped to the panel
Groups - Addition of trim feature
Groups – Replace pre-process
Groups – shows originator name when adjusting the limit box
Groups – cascade name no longer appended to when applying settings
Mesh Warp plugin – bigger overlay crosses
Import / export of bigger than 4GB AVI files
Removed global alt + F4
Colour – contrast/brightness limit now increased to 600
Ability to enter ASCII codes into any text box
Pablo PA Genetic Engineering connectivity (requires hardware Sam)
ALI --- 1:37:44 28.6.2011
jinak tohle bych dal na nastenku