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ATRON --- 21:10:32 30.6.2010
Po delší pauze sem oprášil flowery a projel nový videa na Utube a tohle mě zaujalo :-O http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KefZckEGgQ
DEVIL --- 10:07:27 18.5.2010
njn, holt se to naucis, jak ti ruka naroste...
BARAN_ --- 9:40:47 18.5.2010
DEVIL: obracene bych to asi nedal :) ikdyz nevim, ale tohle mi proste prijde uz takovy prirozeny jak prirozeni :)
CUJO --- 20:43:51 17.5.2010
Hele Lidi jak najdu nejake videa od Vas. nahodte nejak videa z youtube, rad se mrknu.
DEVIL --- 14:23:22 17.5.2010
aha to ja taky. no nic, ja jen ze jak prehazujes levou za zadama na pravou. ja to delam radsi obracene. naopak mi to moc nejde
BARAN_ --- 14:18:46 17.5.2010
DEVIL: no ja jsem pravak, ale jakejsi zmutovanej. Helikopteru tocim proti hodinovym rucickam, cili do leva.. procpak? :)
DEVIL --- 6:08:03 17.5.2010
BARAN_: hele ty ses levak nebo pravak? kterym semerem tocis helikopteru?
DEVIL --- 19:22:52 11.5.2010
a hele uz mi aspon odpovedeli :)

Thank you for the very informative feedback letter. It is very much appreciated. I wish you the best and hope that you will continue to enjoy your Lunastix for many years to come. We will work on making sure that all is glued securely. Have a very nice day.

Warm regards,

Jennifer Parry
Customer Service
DEVIL --- 16:40:58 11.5.2010
tak sem prave poslal fakt megadlouhej feedback na jejich sajtu, tak sem zvedavej, co udelaj

hi how's it going? i was just wondering whether i can give u some feedback...

there is an issue with the wizard stix. i'm basically quite advanced juggler and am using two stix at once. so therefore i have two pairs of wizards and recently there was pair of glowstix delivered to me.
i've been using wizards for approx 2 years or something like that. u know those black caps which are securing those ends of the handstick...they've been quite loose from the beginning and during the routine 'has separated'. as the silicon makes is very adhesive i wasn't able to glue them properly back so now it usually destroys my hand palm. also one of the stix had a problem with both leather ends. during the routine they both flew away i was very pissed off. i'm not usually the sharpest tool in the shed but i managed to glue them back..now one of the stick is a bit off the balance as i didn't know the exact location of it.
they work fine but those handsticks could be crafted a bit more sturdy for those money. i'm quite happy with them anyway.

now these glowstix. they are a bit different i know..i have to get used to it. but i would be really happy when following option could be available. i need those handsticks to be the same diameter and material as the ones which are enclosed with the wizards stix. but i need them to be the same length as the ones which goes together with glowstix. u know probably know what i mean. they are less maneuverable as they turn slowly and with these handstix i'm very clumsy to control them both. u know i'm very stingy to send anything back to US to You with some stupid reclamation procedure and hogwash letter..it cost to much and i'm saving money for my near future travels so...blahblah.

i hope You got the point and maybe u will offer them in near future. (anyway i'm quite satisfied now and don't have another option so i'm gonna cope with what i have).

i want compliment to You (or either US shipping system) for a REALLY nice shipping time. our czech snail mail is really bad and it's worth taking a bike and deliver packages personally. to shorten my agony...this Absurdistan i'm living in is a dirty shithole!

i dont want to sound impolite as it may sound a bit as a complaint but it isn't! i just like when ppl know about slight nuances of mankind and therefore can they react quicker on customer needs. but only if it doesn't cost a whole cow of course!!

anyway, thanks for Your patience and reading this until here. thanks for pushing this peculiar hobby towards the brighter ends and providing super special equipment. You guys are so cool. keep going.

with wishes of super day
DEVIL --- 15:58:47 11.5.2010
tedka sem se vratil ze skolnaku a docela dobry. nezvyk sou teda ty tlusty vodici tyce. ty glow taky nejsou tolik adhezni jako wizardy...imho decanko jinej matros. kdyz ale delam se dvema tak ty glow v kombu s tema orig. vodicima tycema je docela dobry. sem zvyklej, ze wizardy litaj hrozne rychle a sou tudiz i vic rigidni. ty glow sou takovy pomalejsi a mocny. prehazovani mezi rukama se dvema najednou mi jde o to lip. ja mezi prstama netocim tak nevim. kdyby byly ale delsi vodici tyce ve stejnym provedeni jako u wizardu, byl by to narez. ver ze tech 7cm je mega rozdil! fakt jak je to kratsi, tak to lita o 50% rychlejs..

jaky mas horlavy mrdky?