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Cardiff & Wales - We've got enough sheep for everyone!!!
Fórum pro všechny, kteří se pohybují v "Zemi Ovcí" a mají plné zuby keců o tom že Londýn je středem světa, aneb Cardiff is the best (everybody here talks tidy like, innit?)!!!


I was in a pub in London on Saturday night. Had a few drinks. I've noticed two very large women sitting at the bar. They both had a strong accent, so I asked:
- "Hey, are you two ladies from Scotland?"
One of them turned to me and screamed:
- "It's WALES, you IDIOT!"
So, I immediately apologized, and said:
- "Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland?"
That's all I can remember...
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RIVA --- 14:33:22 26.10.2020
Wales to go into full lockdown
20 October 2020 – Lockdown Sceptics
RIVA --- 12:29:22 20.10.2020
Quote of the day (z r/britishproblems):

"That sourdough wholewheat multigrain artisan loaf might be described as being a ‘country’ bread, but if you live in the countryside you’ll know that the only bread you’ll ever get to see in a shop is a Happy Shopper sliced white."
NYCK --- 19:47:48 3.10.2020
RIVA: neser :)
RIVA --- 13:02:33 2.10.2020
TESSS --- 7:00:53 2.10.2020
RIVA: kde?
RIVA --- 15:47:37 4.7.2019
The maps and full details of Cardiff's £1bn 'Crossrail' plan revealed - Wales Online