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SELECTOR_IX --- 23:27:59 16.12.2010
něco podobnýho existovalo už před dvaceti lety, spolužák ze střední měl strejdu, kterej provozoval u nich podobnej podnik...
JIKE --- 23:00:39 16.12.2010
XAB: to vidím poprvé, a udivuje mě to. je to kapka v oceánu.
XAB --- 20:16:10 15.12.2010
Kolektivní vědomí lidstva se již doopravdy mění a jak je vidět, zdánlivě nemožné se již stává skutečností. - Nova Zeme
XAB --- 14:05:42 3.12.2010
Transition into Crystalline Light Body > Earth Keeper
XAB --- 19:19:03 2.12.2010
Pronoia (psychology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
XAB --- 19:16:21 2.12.2010
Free Will Astrology

Amazon.com: Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia, Revised and Expanded: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings (9781556438189): Rob Brezsny: Books
??? --- 14:25:39 30.10.2010
XAB: ten obrazek z tech stranek je nadhernej :-)

??? --- 21:13:31 26.10.2010
A Message From the Hopi Elders

The following comments are a very short synopsis by one Michael Tivana of
teachings presented by David Monongye, one of the late and last Hopi
Lineageholders in an attempt to adress the capacity of understanding of an
ethnocentric american audience :

The Hopis believe that - after 3 other attempts for spirtual evolution
failed with global destruction - when human beings came into this the 4th
world it was on the mesa now called Oraibai.
As some of the human beings went off to the east, they vowed to come back
with technology and inventions that would make life easier. The rest of the
human beings were to stay in Oraibai and keep the ways of the heart and
live as good human beings.

But while discovering these technologies the human beings of the east would
be guided by their heads and loose their hearts and the ways of the human
beings. They would be known as the two-hearts and that is what the white
man is called today. So an exchange would occur when they would meet again.
The human beings of the east would bring the inventions that make life
easier in the physical world while the human beings at Oraibai would teach
them the ways of the heart. Then all human beings will transcend to the
next dimension, the 5th world.

It is all depicted on an ancient rock in Oraibai. It speaks of the gourd
of ashes falling out of the sky which is the atom bomb and signals that
soon after a spiritual renaissance will appear and this will be the bridge
between the people of the mind and the people of the heart or one-hearts.
They also predict WWIII if the attempt to return to a spirtual and
renunciate way of life has failed.
??? --- 22:12:29 19.10.2010
we can either create change or let others create it for us

Y O U will control your own destiny.

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