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KUKIDE --- 22:41:33 25.11.2012
We must stop taking each encounter and thought personally. It no longer is about the personality or content of the mind. If you remember that thoughts are merely conditioning that we have identified with, then it is easier to see that whatever arises in consciousness, whether it looks to be outside in the world, or appears in our inner landscape, is to be considered a clue as to what is the next step in our collective healing. Approaching all content of the dream as markers that point to the unfolding of awakening, we see the direction we must go and the actions we must take. But it never is directing us towards further separation. The idea we should shield ourselves in any way, is entrenched in duality. In Oneness there can be no enemy.
That doesn’t mean we are required to play a part in the dream that would override our sense of integrity. Some behaviors and scenarios are dead ends and lead to further fragmentation. Since the goal of any organism is wholeness and coherence, we continue in that direction and avoid any enticement that would distract emotionally and pull us into drama. The “I” thought that differentiates, with its “own” values, perceptions, beliefs, etc. is the program, not the truth. We are Consciousness, aware of ITSELF, evolving through this dimensional dream world, and discovering its nature. It is always attempting to divulge its true nature, to look more closely and pierce the veil. It attempts this through us as its agents. So the invitation is to relinquish individuality, not to another belief system as presented by another teacher, but to LIFE ITSELF as it moves through us, breathing the new paradigm into existence.
There are always opportunities, more so now than ever, to surrender our personas of protection and become transparent and vulnerable to LIFE in its constant expression. Love is its language and would speak through action, not words. I do not mean action necessarily in the form of doing, but is more about the nature of Being. The intellect cannot reason out the manner in which the flow will appear, as each moment makes itself known completely fresh, neither encumbered by the past nor expectant of a future. It knows intuitively its directionality through time-space. It is like water, tumbling from stream to river as it seeks finally joining its mother, the ocean. It is inevitable. It is HOME.
When we enter this flow, surrendering control and entering the stream of alive Consciousness, we become instruments of harmony, joining the frequential and vibratory undoing of anything unlike the essential truth of Being, of Life ITSELF. We are the change agents as soon as we walk into a room. When you feel tension arising, know you have ushered in an invitation to freedom. There is nothing need be said, but Life’s presence through you will begin the adjustment necessary. It has nothing to do with you, so stay out of it. Be still. Allow. Love. That’s all.
Opinions and viewpoints are transitory and are constantly changing as we are upgraded in our understanding. Do not be a disseminator of viewpoints, please. Relinquish all viewpoints and join the infinity of Life’s awareness, which, of course, includes EVERYTHING in existence, including that which you cannot yet perceive. That means you cannot take a stand, anywhere. It is like an endless free fall, where you become accustomed to the inability to orient yourself to any reference point, where you finally stop trying to grab onto something to stop the sense of certain death. In fact, you stop trying to avoid anything, but instead become curious as to what it is you’ve been afraid of. It’s time to come to grips and get to know your inner terrorist, to face it head on and see what happens. When you’re ready, the universe will align with your intent, and your situation will morph to provide the perfect opening for you to transcend your self-imposed limitations.
True freedom is awakening from the illusion of everything you thought was true and encountering Truth directly, alive and always brand new as it moves through time-space moment by moment. It is the death of your fictional identity and the relinquishing of all desire to recreate a new one. It is not just getting off the carousel; it is leaving the amusement park altogether. What happens after that is anyone’s guess.
Love to All, Suzen
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ALBERTO --- 21:44:16 3.2.2012
Inelia Benz: Základy Vzestupu (2012)
Grafologie a Psychologie: Inelia Benz: Základy Vzestupu
SELECTOR_IX --- 22:29:44 13.12.2011
nesplet sis klub? :)

klub o ikonkách bude tuším jinde...
DVA3 --- 16:52:29 2.12.2011
cau. zmente mi tu ikonu, videl sjem ted elektronickeho dvojnika, nevim, kdy je?...dik.

cd elektronicky dvojnik nevydano dne?
??? --- 12:46:01 6.10.2011
TILOPA --- 11:29:42 8.6.2011
TRANSCRIPTION: Total Recall by Indigo Child Matias De