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JONAHMOCIUN --- 20:02:10 30.3.2019
Hi... My name's Jonah, from the US. I'm trying to find some events to play music at in Czech. My friend, Pink Abduction Ray, and I will be traveling together. We both do weird/electronic/techno/etc. and are part of the SPAZ crew (Semi-Permanent Autonomous Zone). I perform electro/footwork/beats music as Whatever Your Heart Desires and I do abstract rap as MC Dissolving Soap Sliver. Any assistance or suggestions would be much appreciated. Links below. <3

Pink Abduction Ray AKA Tleilaxu Music Machine [DJ/Live electronics - Mutant/Speedcore/etc - Darkmatter Soundsystem]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIP7pIEuR4g / https://pinkabductionray.bandcamp.com/album/roguelike

(me) Whatever Your Heart Desires [Live electronics/EDM/etc - Motion Recordings]
http://thmole.bandcamp.com / http://youtube.com/whtvryrhrdsrs

Also… I have some other projects that I can perform instead of Whatever Your Heart Desires, if you prefer. As MC Dissolving Soap Sliver I do abstract rap, and as DJ 0.000001 I can play a variety of different genres such as 80’s electro, gabber/hardcore techno, and shangaan. Examples of these are at http://thmole.bandcamp.com.

And here’s a zip with some tracks by each of us: http://spaz.org/thmole/Pink%20Abduction%20Ray%20-%20WYHD%20-%20MCDSS.zip
IXTREMIST --- 21:21:09 28.10.2011
Pravda - koncept pure vinyl main stage a digitalně-kysele druhe stage se mi libi moc...
DAFFY --- 23:41:10 24.10.2011
Epilepsia byla super... Vyborny vykony headlineru a poprve na main stagi Pure vinyl...