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RATUS --- 10:44:55 29.10.2019
TALPENNY --- 23:49:51 15.6.2017
Diana Haddad & Khaled - Mas & Louly

Filt mlčí i když nechápu jak je to možný
YARRDESH --- 13:57:57 21.3.2016
nemate nekdo prehled v nasheedech? potreboval bych urcit jeden vysamplovanej v nakym tracku
FLU --- 14:49:24 1.1.2016
Fadoul – Al Zman Saib


AlZman2015.rar (86,11 MB) - uploaded.net

Blazing funk and psych covers and originals from ’60s and ’70s Casablanca, sung in Arabic. First ever issue outside of Morocco.

The result of three years research, Fadoul’s debut album Al Zman Saib takes flight as he possibly never imagined it would… Frontman of a local funk band with a sparky, punkish thrust, Fadoul (1942-1991) was posthumously discovered via Jannis Stürtz’ lucky 7” find in 2012 – Fadoul’s cover of Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown – which prompted a three year search to uncover its background and history, including countless taxi trips and phone calls, before Stürtz found his residence in central Casablanca and was able to sit down with his estranged family and find out about the record you’re looking at and listening to.

Turns out Fadoul had lived in Paris, where he soaked up the music of James Brown, Free and the other American bands he covers inside this album with such raw verve and punkish grit. He’d also composed a jingle for an orange juice advert on TV and was father to two children before he passed away in 1991 at the age of 50. What remains of his musical legacy, thanks to Habibi Funk, is now available in a way that Fadoul may never have imagined – stacking up eight of his blazing crowd-pleasers sensitively transferred and remastered to feel the full might of his howl and his backing group’s raw clang.

OREA --- 11:10:17 28.12.2015
RATUS: potkame se tam!
RATUS --- 22:38:09 7.12.2015
حسين الجسمي - بشرة خير (فيديو كليب) | Hussain AlJassmi - Boshret Kheir | 2014
RATUS --- 22:37:40 7.12.2015
Vánoce se odročují na 16.ledna rádio Wave nám naděluje Omar Souleymana :))

FLU --- 14:29:10 28.11.2015
a jeste jednou "belly dance", singl vysel v roce 1979 v Libanonu. letos jej v reedici vydal izraelsky label Fortuna Records.

Ihsan Al Munzer ‎– Belly Dance Disco


Ihsan Al Munzer - Belly Dance Disco.rar | Ulož.to