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Game culture, art and studies & ludology... a tak
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KHALAVERA --- 23:59:40 17.9.2008
KHALAVERA --- 22:25:35 15.9.2008
More evidence that satire doesn't transmit over the interwebs
A game in which your "task" is to "wipe the Muslim race from the face of the Earth" has, predictably, got people wound up
QUITE --- 14:03:26 14.9.2008
MAHISH: dodej .))
KHALAVERA --- 18:16:24 13.9.2008
MAHISH: jj, ta se hodí do života zvídavého člověka .)
MAHISH --- 18:14:33 13.9.2008
KHALAVERA: po třech měsících mám před sebou už jen pár stránek, super kniha:)
MAHISH --- 17:43:45 10.9.2008
Buying Spore, or just renting?

I admit I haven't yet picked up a copy of Spore (beginning of the school year and all) but I figured it was being released to universal acclaim, sales, yada yada. And of course all of the pre-release information hyped the game to no end, and fans seemed, well, fanatic, about getting their hands on the game. What a difference a day or two makes. Check out the review scores for Spore on Amazon's site. As of my writing this, there are 1840 1-star reviews of the game. Why?

Not the gameplay, it seems, but the DRM protection. A common complaint from reviewers-- 'you don't buy this game, you rent it!' You need to go online to authenticate the game (nothing new there) and the game allows you to authenticate three times before having to call and ask permission for more authentications from EA (disclaimer: I'm taking this from the reviews, so if the information is incorrect, please post and let me know). Seems very close to Apple's iTunes model of managing music, thus causing the user to carefully ponder just how/where/when to 'spend' those few copies.

While Spore isn't technically a virtual world (or is it?), this also brings back parallels for me of players' rights in virtual worlds. If we are encouraged to see these worlds as our new Commons, our coffeehouses, etc, do we have any say in how we use them? Will this outrage amount to anything for Wright's creation? For future games? And as we probably don't own that epic gear in MMOGs, so too, maybe we are only renting our single player games now as well?