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KUBAN88 --- 23:34:09 14.3.2012
dobře si to umím vybrat :)))

During the game the Chelsea fans waving a flag of AS Roma angering the Neapolitans @siricho4 @ASRoma_1927
KUBAN88 --- 16:11:27 12.3.2012
Palermo vs Roma 0:1 MATCH HIGHLIGHTS - Video Dailymotion
KUBAN88 --- 20:55:46 7.3.2012
já se bojím toho AVB na jednu stranu ale na druhou verim ze s nim bude AS neuveritelne uspesny... ma proporce a la Porto soucasna sestava... dost rozporuplne pocity, uvidime
ASYD --- 13:28:19 5.3.2012
prohrany domaci derby s Laziem fakt nepotesi :(
ASYD --- 20:11:16 1.3.2012
The sport director of As Roma, Walter Sabatini, has told to Sky Tg 24 about the future of As Roma.

"If Borini will stay? Sure. We are in co-ownership with Parma, and we are agree with Pietro Leonardi to extend this deal in June so we will speak about future next year". 
KUBAN88 --- 20:42:49 28.2.2012
Max Tonetto in visita a Trigoria | Max Tonetto visits Trigoria #asroma #roma #tonetto http://t.co/CZBNbzSK
ASYD --- 13:30:27 28.2.2012
Currently playing on loan for Juventus, Italian international striker Marco Borriello (29) is unlikely to be hired back by Bianconeri management after the end of the season. The player is currently on a deal with AS Roma until June 2015, and might join Premier League or Ligue 1 for 2012/13.
KUBAN88 --- 21:06:47 26.2.2012
bohuzel jsem tenhle vikend nestihl ani jeden fotbal
/pochcane stehovani/
ASYD --- 20:10:50 26.2.2012
dve rude? co se to tam delo?