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ASYD --- 10:31:03 28.3.2011
Liverpool midfielder Alberto Aquilani, actually on loan at Juventus, has declared:
"If I will score a goal against Roma I won't celebrate. Montella? It's a nice sensation to see him on the bench. In the dressing room his place was next to mine and I remember that we could already see that he had the qualities to become a coach.
For me the game against Roma will be something special.
Back to Rome? I think it will be difficult, maybe in the future.."
KUBAN88 --- 20:45:10 25.3.2011
YouTube - Roma Roma Roma (Inno ufficiale AS Roma) Antonello Venditti
ASYD --- 16:18:28 22.3.2011
BBC - Tim Vickery: Adriano struggling to find suitors after Roma departure
ASYD --- 16:44:31 20.3.2011
cywe totti repete...JO!
KUBAN88 --- 15:47:20 14.3.2011
ASYD: mají recht, na Pizzara se cekalo jak na smilovani...
ASYD --- 15:15:32 14.3.2011
Roma 2-0 Lazio: Totti the hero but Pizarro the architect | Zonal Marking
ASYD --- 12:53:24 14.3.2011
YouTube - Matuzalem si verifica sulla faccia Totti (Roma - Lazio 2-0) --13-03-2011

ASYD --- 12:44:36 14.3.2011
YouTube - Roma vs Lazio 2-0 Totti 2nd GOAL

tohle se proste nedalo chytit...takova pumelice