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Adolf Hitler
Přestože je zmínka jména Hitler jedním z nejobvyklejších gest v rámci diskuzí na serveru, nebylo mu doposud věnováno auditko. V dnešní kultuře hraje roli Satana s jistotou a trvalostí o níž se Saddámovi nebo Bin Ládinovi může jen zdát. Je skutečně historickou osobností nebo spíš se stal již mýtem? Co pro nás dnes - již s jistým odstupem a znalostí propagandy nejen nacistické, ale i vítězné - znamená tento muž, který se coby politik jako jeden z mála držel programu, který voličům slíbil? Není tento "upřímný plnič slibů" nejlepším důkazem toho, že v demokracii je něco fundamentálně špatně?

Je možné, že byl Adolf Hitler v zásadě morální osobností, jejíž morálka se nicméně držela jiných principů, než jsou dnes přípustné? Proč je vlastně hodnocen negativně? Čeho fundamentálně odlišného se dopustil, co by ho vydělovalo z okruhu historických vládců a vůdců jako byli Nabukadnezar, Hannibal, Caesar, Vilém Dobyvatel, Čingischán nebo Napoleon? Řekněme si to jasně...
Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
??? --- 13:31:45 31.3.2008
JESSIEATREIDES:neužeň si psotník..
ALISTAIR --- 15:15:43 30.3.2008
To je v pohode, ja na svym genderu nijak zvlast netrvam :)
JESSIEATREIDES --- 19:21:58 29.3.2008
GUMBA --- 15:48:26 29.3.2008
SMALLRICCIO: Co to leti za bombarder (sikovne se ukryvajici ve slunci) na tom prvnim obrazku?
ALISTAIR --- 21:57:55 27.3.2008
ARFEA: Výtečně! Víc takových příspěvků :)
ARFEA --- 21:45:17 27.3.2008

Perhaps because his mother died from cancer, Adolf developed a deep interest in health related issues - particularly cancer.

Ground-breaking research on diseases was done in Germany, partly with private funding from Adolf Hitler who commissioned a study at the University of Jena to determine whether there was a link between lung cancer and smoking. Research results proved that there was such a link and this led to the first public anti-smoking campaign which was vigorously promoted by Adolf.

The first program in the world to encourage women to perform breast self-examination as an aid to detect breast cancer in its earlier stages was also launched in Germany with Adolf's active encouragement and approval. His support for reform and modernisation in the medical field was viewed by the medical profession in such a positive light that most medical practitioners joined the Nazi party.

Anomalies in a woman's menstrual cycle was also an indicator of cancer. Women were similarly encouraged to look for anomalies in their menstrual cycle to help detect cancer at an earlier stage. Much public education was done in this regard.

The public was cautioned against the dangers of radiation, mercury, cadmium and lead. Through the media and schools the German people were advised to avoid the use of artificial food colorants and preservatives in foods and drinks. Instead the use of pharmaceuticals, fertilizers and cosmetics that were based on organic or natural ingredients was encouraged. Sixty years later, most Western countries have still not equalled the high standards of this program.

Israeli doctors supported Eugenics
- Haaretz, Jun 18 2004

"Research by an Israeli PhD student has exposed the eugenic plans of a number of Jewish doctors and Zionist thinkers before World War II. According to Dr Sachlav Stoler-Liss of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, some of Israel's founding fathers proposed castrating the mentally ill, sterilising the poor, limiting the size of "families of Eastern origin" and "preventing... lives that are lacking in purpose".
"Eugenics is considered to be something that only happened in Germany," says Dr Stoler-Liss. "Germany was indeed the most murderous manifestation of eugenics, but in fact it was a movement that attracted many followers.... in both Germany and in Israel a link was made between eugenics, health and nationalism."

One of the leading Zionist thinkers was Dr Max Nordau, whose bizarre theories about "degenerate art" were also taken up by the Nazis. He called for a "Judaism of muscle" to replace "the Jew of the coffee house: the pale, skinny, Diaspora Jew". His followers argued that to preserve the purity of the Jewish race, degenerates -- people who were mentally retarded, blind or deaf, for instance -- should not have children.

Although one of the leading eugenicists published an article calling for restricting birth rates amongst "poor families from the East" in the early 1950s, eugenics lost its appeal after the Holocaust and the foundation of the state of Israel. But "eugenic thinking is alive and well today," says Dr Stoler-Liss. "It is expressed mainly in the very high rate of pre-natal tests and genetic filtering. Mothers are very highly motivated to give birth only to healthy children and the attitude towards the exceptional, the different and the handicapped in Israeli society is problematic."


Adolf was a Eugenics advocate as this greatly benefited society in the long term. In this he was heartily supported by many scientists and medical practitioners in Germany; borne out by the fact that the majority of German medical practitioners elected to become members of the Nazi party.

For more than sixty years after the war ended, it was politically almost impossible for any scientist or medical practitioner worldwide to publicly promote Eugenics. Yet the Nazi government copied most of their legislation from that of the US and other countries, who at that time were actively practicing Eugenics themselves, a practice that was then considered humane and beneficial to the population. After the war Eugenics advocates were silenced by political means.

ARFEA --- 21:43:59 27.3.2008
"Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived...
He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.
He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

- John F. Kennedy,
President of the
United States of America

KEEPITUNREAL --- 17:59:18 27.3.2008
Hitler fandil spartě...
FOXTANT --- 21:21:09 26.3.2008