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Amy Jade Winehouse

  • narozena: 14. září 1983, Londýn
  • zpěvačka: Soul, vocal jazz, R&B, doo-wop


  • 2003: Frank
  • 2006: Back to Black

Grammy 08'

  • Record Of The Year - Rehab
  • Song Of The Year - Rehab
  • Best New Artist
  • Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
  • Best Pop Vocal Album - Back To Black



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Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
SUCZKER --- 10:39:24 4.5.2009
SOMHUSTY: dik... za vysvetlenou, pochopil jsem ;)
SOMHUSTY --- 10:34:58 4.5.2009
SOMHUSTY: 14.9. som myslel :)
SOMHUSTY --- 9:10:51 4.5.2009
SUCZKER: jasne ze umi :)
cele je to v podstate o raperovi Nasovi - vola sa Nasir Jones = Mr. Jones
Nasova dcera sa vola Destiny = Mr. Destiny
a 9 and 14 = 19.4. - datum narodenia Destiny ktora sa narodila v rovnaky den ako Amy :)
SUCZKER --- 20:52:35 2.5.2009
Baf, kdyz jsme se tu bavili o lyrics, neumi mi nekdo vysvetlit, co to je "Mr. Destiny 9 and 14" v "Me and Mr. Jones" ??
SOMHUSTY --- 0:57:02 16.4.2009
SUCZKER: no mne sa pacila aj tam aj tu
krasna je proste :)
SUCZKER --- 22:50:00 13.4.2009
SOMHUSTY: Jo, tady vypada dobre. Na ty minuly serce vypadala fakt divne...
SOMHUSTY --- 22:44:38 13.4.2009

"I don't care what people think about me. Never did, never will. Life is too short to be worrying about that shit."

aka je nam ta amy krasna :)
TIFFANY --- 19:17:49 9.4.2009
AFROMANIA: máš to tam.
SOMHUSTY --- 19:13:48 9.4.2009
AFROMANIA: hehe jaka reklama :) aspon ze si to zachranil/a tym zvolanim :)
SOMHUSTY --- 13:07:44 28.3.2009

AMY WINEHOUSE has drafted in extra help as she rushes to complete her new album - she has reportedly persuaded superproducer MARK RONSON to revive their music partnership.
Ronson produced a number of tracks on the pop star's 2006 record Back To Black, winning a coveted Grammy award for Producer of the Year for the collaboration.
The pair was rumoured to have fallen out after Ronson claimed their attempt to record a Bond theme song last summer (08) was scrapped as the troubled singer was "not ready to work on music yet".
But Ronson has now agreed to work with the Rehab hitmaker again after she managed to kick her addictions during a recent break in the Caribbean, according to U.K. newspaper The Sun.
A source tells the publication, "Mark does not have fond memories of collaborating with Amy last year. He said he wouldn’t work with her again until she had her drug problems under control. He thinks she’s much better now so has agreed to come on board and do a little work with her on some of her songs.”