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Amy Jade Winehouse

  • narozena: 14. září 1983, Londýn
  • zpěvačka: Soul, vocal jazz, R&B, doo-wop


  • 2003: Frank
  • 2006: Back to Black

Grammy 08'

  • Record Of The Year - Rehab
  • Song Of The Year - Rehab
  • Best New Artist
  • Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
  • Best Pop Vocal Album - Back To Black



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Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
SOMHUSTY --- 1:52:25 26.12.2008
pochvalim sa - tak som teda dostal zalezitost ktoru som tu asi pred mesiacom spominal :)


velmi pekne to je, vnutri su naozaj super fotky, texty, nejake zaujimavosti a vseetky podrobnosti o albumoch :)
SOMHUSTY --- 9:21:27 25.12.2008
AMY WINEHOUSE has hinted she would like to move to the Caribbean after receiving a warm welcome from locals in St Lucia this week (begs21Dec08).
The troubled singer has been vacationing on the island following a month-long spell in a London hospital after she suffered an adverse reaction to prescription medication.
The star has been snapped by paparazzi looking healthy, chatting with residents at a local music festival, and soaking up the sun on a yacht.
Now Winehouse is reportedly contemplating a longer stay in the Caribbean, suggesting it could have a positive impact on her personal life and her next album.

She says, "I could easily live here. The people are amazing and the local music scene is inspiring."
A source tells Britain's Daily Star, "Amy has been soaking up the local culture. She has attended a music festival and been seeking out bands in the village.
"She's been talking about recording the album in St Lucia. She's actually glowing."

na jednej strane sa tesim ze amy sa ma dobre a vsetko ale na druhej je pre mna jednoduchsie ist do londyna ako na nejaky karibsky ostrov za nou a navyse nechcem byvat v karibiku :))
SOMHUSTY --- 0:41:27 20.12.2008
OREA: future husband presnejsie :)
OREA --- 20:30:44 19.12.2008
SOMHUSTY: ach tak,...jo to srdicko mi bylo jasne ze je od tebe ty amymilovniku ;)
SOMHUSTY --- 17:22:09 19.12.2008
OREA: je to z oficialnej stranky - srdiecko a fotku som pridal ja :)
OREA --- 16:39:41 19.12.2008
SOMHUSTY: kdo to psal?
SOMHUSTY --- 12:24:53 19.12.2008
Amy's 2008


A lot can happen in a year and as the days draw to a close on 2008 it’s a chance to wish you a Happy Christmas, A Happy New Year and to revisit some if the musical highlights of 2008.

This year saw Amy sweep the American Grammy awards as ‘Back To Black’ moved from UK success to global success. Performing live at the event via satellite she picked up five awards including Record of the Year, Song Of The Year and Best New Artist, click here to check our her memorable performances of ‘You Know I’m No Good’ and ‘Rehab’. Closer to home her profile and successes continued when she once again won a coveted Ivor Novello song writing award for the second year running, performed at the BRITS, and went on to complete a successful and highly anticipated string of summer festival dates at Glastonbury, V, T In The Park, Bestival and Oxegen to name a few. Even last month she beat of stiff competition at the ‘World Music Awards’ to win the gong for ‘World’s Best Pop/Rock Female Artist’ more than 2 years since the release of ‘Back To Black’

There always much to say about Amy, her character attracts both debate and admiration but its her two albums ‘Back To Black’ and ‘Frank’ which have created a lasting legacy of rare excellence.

SANDIS --- 0:15:36 15.12.2008
jeste jednou musim zopakovat, ze ta hudbicka
http://rapidshare.com/files/161180218/amy.rar.html (rar pass: sparkyibew) je paradni... ;)
ANGELINE --- 8:32:34 14.12.2008
SUCZKER: no taak to je vtipný
SANDIS --- 7:56:27 14.12.2008
SOMHUSTY: hezky! mi to uplne pripomnelo, ze ji taky miluju :) malem bych zapomnel :)