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BULHI --- 0:21:06 21.1.2009
The United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy vehicle, scheduled to launch the National Reconnaissance Office’s L-26 payload, was successfully transported from the Horizontal Integration Facility to Space Launch Complex-37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. The mission, scheduled to launch later this year, will be the next Delta IV to fly.

BULHI --- 0:19:10 21.1.2009
A Delta IV Heavy Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle lifts off from Space Launch Complex 37B Nov. 10 carrying the last Defense Support Program into orbit.

PAVLOS --- 21:50:05 18.1.2009
???: jop, pekny!
??? --- 20:30:41 11.1.2009
PINCHE_GRINGO --- 21:02:18 23.12.2008
JAMES_DICK: Podle nazvu klubu dost tezko... spis sem: [ Fotky & videa letadel a helikoptér ]