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GABRI --- 14:22:54 26.3.2008
Takže Velvet Revolver se nám už asi definitivně rozpadají...

Očitý svědek koncertu v Glasgow:

I was right at the front of the glasgow show where Scott Weiland broke the news right before Fall to pieces! He said and i quote "You're witnessing something really special tonight. This is the last ever Velvet Revolver tour"
Once he said that Slash, Duff, Matt and Dave all looked at each other. They sang fall to pieces then.. Scott goes over to the side of the stage and argues with the sound guy. After a couple of songs he threw his mic down and walked off. After a long wait Duff came out with the band and sang the start of its so easy. Scott shows up about half way through.. sang really half assed then gone again...
Really doesn't look good. Especially as the band at the start of the evening were late on by half an hour and stood waiting for Scott for about 10 mins on stage. Clearly all very uncomfortably.. Looks like its true guys. Straight from Scotts mouth.

Matt Sorum k tomu na svém blogu napsal:

Hey all you great Fans,
So lastnight was interesting. Had a little band termoil on stage as you probably all could tell. Being in a band is a lot like being in a relationship. Sometimes you just don?t get along. I guess there has been more termoil lately I guess with the cancellations and all. It has been frustrating I am not going to lie. My career and life in Rock n Roll has come with its ups and downs. Unfortunatly some people in this business Don?t relize how great of a life they have. Touring the world, meeting great people and fans all over the world. And just playing music for a living. I feel truly blessed. But sometimes the road can be draining for some, being away from home and family Does grind on you sometimes. With all the travelling And different beds. Personally I Love this Shit and sometimes can?t believe I am so lucky to still be doing what I do for a living. Everybody could see who was unhappy lastnight but all I can say is Let?s keep the Rock alive people!!!! In this life u just pick up and keep moving. And don?t ever let anybody stand in your way.
The TRUTH Rock On!!!!!!


A na to Scott Weiland reagoval:

"Responding to our drummer's [Matt Sorum] rant about why the band is in a state of flux:

"Well, first of all, the state of my family affairs is really none of his business, since he is too immature to have a real relationship, let alone children. So don't attempt to stand in a man's shoes when you haven't walked his path. Secondly, 'keeping rock 'n' roll alive?' I've made many attempts to remain cordial with the members of VR, but mainly, the likes of you. Funny though ? this is your FIRST band, as opposed to being a hired gun. I've been making records (now on my ninth), which have sold over 35 million copies worldwide and have maintained a level of professionalism regardless of how many drugs I've ingested into my system. I have only cancelled one tour during the entire course of my 16-year run and that was the 'make-up' Australia tour. Now, shall I open that can of worms, Matthew? Release the Kraken? Serve... Volley! You cancelled the Aussie tour in the fall because you went to rehab, but I won't say why? we'll just let Blabbermouth find out for themselves.

"As for our fans ? I will sweat, bruise, and bleed for you. And will continue to do so until the end of this tour. However, you deserve to hear VELVET REVOLVER playing? not certain individuals singing along to get a muddied up sound. God forbid ? could one imagine if I grabbed a guitar and started soloing along with Slash? That would never happen because I know my place. It's a shame? we were a gang. But ego and jealousy can get the better of anyone. I wish the best and plan to annihilate the stage in the last few shows.

"On a separate note, we did an STP [STONE TEMPLE PILOTS] photo shoot before this tour and it was fun, inspiring and it gave me that thrill ? that feeling that got my rocks off from the get-go."

Potvrzuje se, že Weiland je sice skvělej zpěvák, ale lidsky asi dost velká píča. A dyť jim to ten Izzy říkal dobře: Neberte zpěváka, neberte zpěváka, nebo se z toho zblázníte.

KILLINEY --- 13:01:02 14.3.2008
Guns N' Roses - 1992-06-06 - Paris, France (video) pro-shot / 2h30

KILLINEY --- 12:59:12 14.3.2008
Guns n' Roses - 2002-11-22 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Soundboard)

01 - Intro & Welcome To The Jungle
02 - It's So Easy
03 - Mr. Brownstone
04 - Live And Let Die
05 - Knocking On Heavens Door
06 - Think About You
07 - You Could Be Mine
08 - Robin Finck Solo & Sweet Child O'Mine
09 - Out Ta Get Me
10 - Madagascar
12 - Buckethead Solo
13 - Rocket Queen
14 - The Blues
15 - Patience
16 - Chinese Democracy
17 - Nightrain
18 - Robin Finck Solo & Paradise City
KILLINEY --- 12:56:33 14.3.2008
Guns n' Roses - 2007-07-15 - Chiba, Japan (Soundboard or IEM?)

CD 1:
01 Intro
02 Welcome To the Jungle
03 It's So Easy
04 Mr. Browstone
05 Live and Let Die
06 Robin Guitar Solo
07 Jam #1
08 Sweet Child O' Mine
09 Better
10 Knockin' On Heaven's Door
11 You Could Be Mine
12 Piano Jam
13 Dizzy Piano Solo (Angie)
14 The Blues
15 Band Intro Jam
16 Richard Guitar Solo
17 Guitar Solo (Beautiful - Endless Rain)
18 Out Ta Get Me

CD 2:
01 Jam #2
02 Axl Piano Solo
03 November Rain
04 I.R.S
05 Bumblefoot Guitar Solo
06 Don't Cry
07 My Michelle
08 Patience
09 (Bass Solo!) Nightrain
10 Chinese Democracy
11 Madagascar
12 Paradise City
13 Axl Speech

KILLINEY --- 12:54:24 14.3.2008
Guns n' Roses - 1991-05-29 - Noblesville, Indiana (Soundboard)

01 - Right next door to hell (3:04)
02 - Mr brownstone (4:24)
03 - Bad obsession (7:38)
04 - Dust n bones (5:51)
05 - Double talking jive (5:11)
06 - Patience (7:39)
07 - Civil war (9:31)
08 - 14 years (5:03)
09 - Live and let die (5:54)
10 - I'ts so easy (3:26)
11 - Guitar solo Godfather theme (4:49)
12 - Rocket queen (8:07)
13 - November rain (9:51)
14 - Only women bleed (1:29)
15 - Knockin on heavens door (7:34)
16 - Perfect crime (4:10)
17 - Estranged (10:58)
18 - Sweet child of mine (7:10)
19 - Welcome to the jungle (6:19)
20 - Paradise city (6:03)


WUXIA --- 12:53:28 14.3.2008
Killiney: jen aby to čekání mělo nějakej výsledek... Já už tak nějak nevěřím, že ChD kdy vyjde.
KILLINEY --- 12:46:59 14.3.2008
Welcome to the Jungle - Prague 1992
KILLINEY --- 12:46:22 14.3.2008
nevím .. to čekání už je neuprosně dlouhý a nepochopitelný .. a nidko ho nikdy nepochopí .. ale čekat budu protože to bude stát rozhodně za to ,
stejně tak jako koncert v Praze .. čekání neunosný .. ale pak ten zážitek když se se ozval ten rif a pak se objevil a začal ječet to bylo fakt fakt neuvěřitelný ..



když jsem poprvý slyšel better nemohl jsem uvěřit že jsou to gnr .. uplně užasná pecka .. jen doufám když to jsou všechno dema , že to ve finálním mixu nezprznily nějakejma klavesama ..
WUXIA --- 12:26:46 14.3.2008
No neslyšel, to je mi novinka...
GABRI --- 12:15:13 14.3.2008
WUXIA: Doufám v něco původního, českého. Že by Asmodeus? Mimochodem - už někdo slyšel ten Beltramiho soundtrack k 3:10 To Yuma? Co má znamenat track Chinese Democracy? Já vím, že Beltrami pro Axla dřív něco dělal...