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amplified worship - maximum volume yields maximum results
"Transcendence can only be reached at maximum volume"


Spřátelený klub, který vám váš zombie moderátor doporučuje:

Demonische Agricultuur

Odkazy na hudbu uveřejněné v tomto klubu od moderátora prosím jinde neuveřejňovat.

Máte k tomu co říct? Vložte se do diskuze.
JONY --- 22:29:49 29.9.2008
každopádně do konce roku si dáme pauzu (pokud tedy náhodou nevyjde jedna věc) a v lednu by měly být jedna až dvě opravdu velké akce :-)
MAHISH --- 21:35:19 29.9.2008
JONY: ááchjo:( nestihnul jsem dojet včas, aspoň že se povedlo.
MATHEW --- 16:17:48 29.9.2008
Striborg - The Foreboding Silence [cd, Displeased, 2008]


For once being a grim cult mystery, whose records were practically impossible to find, Striborg has turned into an actual 'band', releasing a record every year, sometimes more than one, guesting on other folks' records, touring with SUNNO))).... you think the glare of the spotlight would have gone to his head, but thankfully, the music of Striborg, aka Sin-Nanna, is as bleak and twisted and fucked up as ever. So fucked up in fact that we are well aware that Striborg is not every metalhead's cup of tea, a quick look at the reviews on the Encyclopedia Metallum website reveals that a whole lot of people don't dig it, or more accurately probably, don't get it.
But as far as we're concerned, what's not to get?! Striborg create truly evocative, lo-fi black metal, that is as idiosyncratic as it is true and grim. The production has remained the same for over a decade, if anything it's gotten progressively more low fidelity and damaged sounding, the music instead of getting tighter and more polished has wandered further and further from traditional black metal tropes, which is precisely why we love it so much. For those new to Striborg, there are 15 or so other reviews on the aQ site that go into great depth, but in brief, Striborg is Sin-Nanna, who lives in the middle of a rainforest in Tasmania, and who crafts some of the most damaged and demented and freaky black metal we've ever heard. Bands like Furze, or Necrofrost, sound like Metallica next to the madness that is Striborg. Okay, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much, and this latest, newest Striborg might even, as impossible as it might seem, manage to outweird the preceding 15 or so releases.
Some things have remained the same, the artwork is appropriately abstract, nothing but pictures and drawings of forests, pictures and drawings of Sin-Nanna himself (including a random glamour shot on the back cover where he sort of looks like a high school goth or New Romantic!), pictures of caves, rivers, the sky and the moon, and not a whole lot else, minimal liner notes, but it's the musicŠ
Sin-Nanna implements a new arrangement this time, still leaning toward the loooong songs, but this time they are preceded by or separated by intros and intervals, most a minute or less, haunting keyboard ambience, bird calls and the sounds of the night forest, a strange sample from some film, laughing voices, male and female, melancholy marimba melodies, Bernard Hermann style strings, a child and a woman intoning some sort of incantation, reverb soaked piano, whirring shimmering cinematic drones, mournful horns, tinkling chimes, but as creepy and abstract as those are, they don't even hold a candle to the songs.
And the first proper song on The Foreboding Silence, "A Lonely Walk In A Desolate Cold Pine Forest", really might be the best (and most fucked) Striborg song EVER. Eleven minutes long, the track begins with an impossibly buzzy riff, that literally sounds like a swarm of insects, or a million kazoos, unfurling a chromatic wall of nearly static buzz, that shifts from note to note, creating a lurching jagged melody, over which totally dizzying atonal marimbas pulse and loop, sending the whole thing into a woozy sea sick spiral, the various melodies, far from complimentary, the whole thing sounding like it's gradually growing more dissonant, more out of tune, the drums stumbling in the background, the vocal a harsh shriek, it's so off kilter that with headphones on it will make your head spin. Eventually, the marimbas drop out, leaving the track to plod along doomily, the buzzing riff like the sound of a rainstorm on a tin roof, the song shifts tempos, slipping from plod to pound and back again, eventually locking into a repetitive outro, the drums simple, the guitars locked into a two note loop, punctuated by what sounds like thunder off in the distance, which gives the effect even more of the buzzing guitars becoming the sound of rainfall.
The title track is another tweaked masterpiece, the drums locked into an almost-groove, the guitar still in full insectoid buzz mode, underpinning the spewed demonic vox, and a strange gnarled almost Greg Ginn-ish guitar overdub. The drums are LOUD, way up in the mix, shifting from stumbling blast to relentless double kick, while the guitar buzz swirls and sways and slips back and forth right along with it. The biggest surprise here, besides the opener, is the closer, "Somnambulistic Nightmares Return", a lurching chunk of slow motion doom, with some serious guitar chug, and some simple drum pound, while beneath some sort of super intense reverberating low end drone surfaces and envelops the song, while over the top, some woozy clean guitar drifts in, offering up a mournful, mildly atonal counterpoint, resulting in one of the weirdest and strangely pretty Striborg songs yet.
What else needs to be said? If you have all of the other Striborg records, odds are you're a bit obsessed like us and probably need this one too, if you've yet to take the plunge, The Foreboding Silence is definitely a great place to start, and if you get hooked, or are feeling particularly daring, we have a bunch of other Striborg releases in stock, all twisted genius, all fucked and grim and fantastic, just ask...

NOIK --- 15:56:40 29.9.2008
JONY: asi na tom něco bude:)
JONY --- 15:32:22 29.9.2008
NOIK: prostě žiji v zemi, kde je vrchol alternativní sezony dj set amona tobina :-)
MATHEW --- 14:16:24 29.9.2008
Even The Hills Have Eyes - Lament For Prentice McHoan [2008]



12:16 / 16.82 MB / 192 KBPS
JONY --- 13:32:55 29.9.2008
no tak hrozný provar jako to co asi proděla apačka s guapo to nebyl a na druhou stranu zase byla parádní domácká atmosfére. :-)

každopádně páni umělci byli spokojení a jak budou mít další turné tak se moc rádi vrátí (btw spokojený byl i ten hipík co jim řídil, jinak člen sunburned hand of man a taktéž ten si chce tady zahrát, jak vyjedou na turné)

jinak stěžovat si na málo lidí nemá cenu, jen mne překvapilo, že o tohle, nebyl zájem i od lidí, co o muzice píší

NOIK --- 13:26:13 29.9.2008
jo včerejší koncerty oba parádní akorát jony asi bude teďka žrát jenom chleba s hořčicí:) ..kolik tam bylo-20 platících?-fakt tomu nerozumim...jak sme se včera bavili-před tak dvouma třema rokama si každej hudbičkář stejskal jak se tady hovno děje a když sem začnou jezdit zajímavý lidi tak to takhle dopadá
JONY --- 8:16:33 29.9.2008
JONY: tipuji ale buď stimul (ti disponují penězmi) nebo srr (ti zase odvahou) :-)