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J_A_N --- 13:14:11 5.3.2008
To je RF, hlavu slozenou na dubovem stolu, kolmo k podlaze?

To je RF, jeho hlava odpociva na dubovem pultu, tvari dolu?

To se neda rozumne prelozit, pokud neuvidime, jak ten jeho obraz vypada.
WENCA --- 12:29:19 5.3.2008
Nearly everything is interesting if you go into it deeply enough.
WENCA --- 12:21:02 5.3.2008
A letter from Richard P Feynman to David Paterson, February 11, 1976:

I was glad to hear from you. I looked at your enclosure "Traveling in Time," but didn't read beyond the second sentence because I, also, believe that time travel cannot be done, and I thought my colleagues agreed with me. The science fiction writers who have interpreted my view of the positron as an electron going backward in time have not realized that that theory is completely consistent with causality principles, and in no way implies that we can travel backward in time.

Richard P. Feynman
MOYYO --- 12:16:24 5.3.2008
WENCA: jak jako hovadak? zaslouzenej odpocinek po dobre vykonane praci, to se toleruje :)
WENCA --- 12:13:47 5.3.2008
Richard Feynman, a Nobel Laureate physicist, had an interesting practical test that he applied when reaching a judgment about a new idea: for example, did it explain something unrelated to the original problem. E.g., “What can you explain that you didn’t set out to explain?”and, “What did you discover that you didn’t set out to discover?” In 1938, 27 year old Roy Plunkett set out to invent a new refrigerant. Instead, he created a glob of white waxy material that conducted heat and did not stick to surfaces. Fascinated by this “unexpected” material, he abandoned his original line of research and experimented with this interesting material, which eventually became known by its household name, “Teflon.”
WENCA --- 11:34:45 5.3.2008
SANCHA: Tak jsem si to prelozil taky, ale nejak si to nemuzu predstavit. :)
MOYYO: Zas takovej hovadak to snad neni. :)
SANCHA --- 10:52:29 5.3.2008
kolmo na podlahu :)