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WENCA --- 21:33:26 22.11.2006
Kua. A ten treti je kdo? :)
WENCA --- 21:26:58 22.11.2006
Super, dik. :) Tak si honem prectete To snad nemyslite vazne! :)
_BENNY --- 20:06:41 22.11.2006
WENCA: jo :D
FRONEMA --- 18:44:43 22.11.2006
WENCA: slyseli jsme o nem vypraveni:)
WENCA --- 18:34:14 22.11.2006
Mel bych dotaz k dvema lidem, ktery hlasovali ze od Dicka nic necetli. Jak jste se do tohodle klubu dostali? :)
??? --- 23:19:59 12.11.2006
vsechno! ;] .. ted jsem si kvuli fyzice 2 koupil i posledni dil prednasek :}
WENCA --- 23:11:02 12.11.2006
Nova anketa. :)
??? --- 14:41:50 12.11.2006
Feynman turns to Ron and says, OK, what's this dopey idea you have in physics? Ron, who is an extremely confident guy, turned and started to explain his theory. Feynman, booming loudly declared, Did you think about this....? Did you think about that...? The response was almost inevitably, No. On it went. I must say, I have never seen such a quick and merciless massacre of another individual in my life. It was sad.

WENCA --- 13:50:51 12.11.2006
He went over to his file cabinet, which I thought contained all of his most important and intellectual works. It didn't take him long to pull out a black and white autographed nude shot of Candi Samples, inscribed, To Big Dick, Love from Candi!

WENCA --- 13:44:24 12.11.2006
Nature doesn't care how smart you are. You can still be wrong.

Tywoe, to se fakt nedá. :D