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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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TOOMUCH --- 23:00:16 29.8.2014
TOOMUCH --- 22:57:46 29.8.2014
???: hhh, King Of Snakes
LONELY_FIRE --- 2:31:00 27.8.2014
Signals from Arkaim: SFA030 - the meme - 2

The meme are an experimental sound duo from Chicago. Jeffrey
Kmieciak (lap steel guitar, electronics) and Milan Bobysud (electronics) create
textured soundscapes using a lap steel guitar, analog synthesizers,
drum-machines and a variety of processors. The resulting sound ranges from
pastoral psychedelia and gentle ambience through drone and motorik minimalism
all the way to sinister noise. The duo's improvised performances feature
abstract video backgrounds collaged from found footage films and other
re-purposed visuals.
MANUVA --- 21:07:12 26.8.2014
UNCLEAN: Na tv nova to dávali po Hruškovi :-) Teď vážně, ano, Unsound :-)
UNCLEAN --- 12:27:08 26.8.2014
Alessandro Cortini - Trash Audio at the Apothecary 1-2
UNCLEAN --- 12:22:08 26.8.2014
UNCLEAN --- 12:12:12 26.8.2014
MANUVA: Kde ty ses dostal k Zamilske ? Sjizdels lineup Unsoundu, co ? ;)