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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 21:46:53 26.8.2012
MATHEZZZ: jo, byla doba, kdy jsem si ho daval docela hodne. Ted premyslim, ktery tracky vybrat na Shotgun ;)
MATHEZZZ --- 21:39:35 26.8.2012
UNCLEAN --- 14:58:10 23.8.2012


Madarsky dubtechno, neni to uplne genericky, trochu skrably funkem?, nevim...

I Want To Be A Space Tourist : Mack Attack : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
UNCLEAN --- 16:12:58 21.8.2012
Kaito - And That Was The Way (Echospace's Shinjuku Sedative) - YouTube
INK_FLO --- 21:52:03 17.8.2012
UNCLEAN: boiler room bývají většinou na stažení na jejich stránkách přes itunes zadarmo ve 320ti
UNCLEAN --- 8:05:40 16.8.2012
MATHEZZZ: ha, on to nekdo nahraval ? :) Ja se na to dival... Neni tam nekde jeste ten Stott, ten byl podle me o trochu lepsi.
MATHEZZZ --- 1:14:16 16.8.2012
UNCLEAN --- 12:51:31 15.8.2012
ALAN LOCKETT :: August shimmers and fades mix

Tracklist mluvi za vse...

Matthewdavid :: “Tape8″ from DISK II (Leaving)
Pye Corner Audio :: “Toward Light” from Black Mill Tapes Volume 2: Do You Synthesize? (Further)
Ukkonen :: “Haukivesi Spirit” from The Isolated Rhythms of... (Uncharted Audio)
Lucy :: “Estragon” from Stellate 1 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Atlantis :: “Suede” from The Lost Island (Futuresequence)
Szare :: “Wild Boar” from Rochdale Principle (Krill Music)
Crisopa :: “Cosmos Wall-clock” from Biodance (n5MD)
Inigo Kennedy :: “Cloudless” from Vignettes (One) (Semantica)
Plaster :: “Udis” from Stellate 2 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
Shigeto :: “Lineage” from Lineage (Ghostly International)
Larvae :: “The Life You Waste May Be Your Own” from Exit Strategy (Ad Noiseam)
Ghosting Season :: “Through Your Teeth” from The Very Last Of The Saints (Last Night On Earth)
Colo :: “Never Again” from Midday Sun (Take)
Karst :: “Bottle Gourd” from Cyprea (Handstitched)
Austin Cesear :: “Cloud Hall” from Cruise Forever (Public Information)
Teebs :: “Double Fifths” from Ardour (Brainfeeder)
Wake :: “Murder Party” from Oakland Blackouts (Proximal)
Sand Circles :: “Stellar Waves” from Midnight Crimes (Not Not Fun)
Howse :: “Depths” from Lay Hollow (Tri-angle)

igloomag.com :: ALAN LOCKETT :: August shimmers and fades mix
UNCLEAN --- 14:02:15 14.8.2012
High Wolf - Secret Thirteen Mix 030

“Secret Thirteen Mix 030” is a supernatural musical selection which explores diverse hypnotic rhythmical and atmospheric collisions between twelve authentic records of such notable artists as Pauline Oliveros, Archie Shepp, Pete Swanson and other talented audio projects.


Secret Thirteen Mix 030 - High Wolf | Secret Thirteen