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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 10:25:17 29.9.2011
UNCLEAN --- 14:26:24 28.9.2011
UNCLEAN --- 14:19:19 28.9.2011
raison d'être - requiem for abandoned souls - YouTube
UNCLEAN --- 9:02:16 28.9.2011
066 | information ghetto – applause phenomena e.p.

Krasny EPcko...


It has been exactly 2 years now, since Clapan alias Dennis Korsunski to release a very successful EP on Broque under the Information Ghetto moniker. However, the man from the Black Sea coastal town of Krasnodar moved on, and advanced his sound massively, as proven by Clapan’s last release „Native Elements“. The new tracks are more sophisticated and even deeper. While the guy clearly heads for the dancefloor here, the remix from another well-known Broque artist – Less alias „More Places“ – tops it all off and shines with a perfect balance of melody and groove.

After our not quite consequently implemented summer break, we are happy to welcome you back and look forward to the upcoming months in 2010.

Broque.de » Blog Archive » 066 | information ghetto – applause phenomena e.p.
UNCLEAN --- 10:46:54 26.9.2011
Mary Anne Hobbs cloudcasts


Apparat - Xfm mix 17/09/2011
Four Tet - Xfm mix 17/09/2011

Mary Anne Hobbs | Mixcloud - Re-think radio
MATHEZZZ --- 14:46:35 23.9.2011
UNCLEAN: no vidis a ja si toho vsimnul az ted :D
UNCLEAN --- 18:15:37 20.9.2011
UNCLEAN --- 17:38:29 20.9.2011

lol, prave jsem zjistil, ze uz jsem ji tady 2x! daval...

UNCLEAN --- --- 8:55:14 26.1.2007
UNCLEAN --- --- 17:04:57 7.12.2006

nevadi :)