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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 16:56:16 15.6.2011
Eliane Radigue - "Transamorem Transmortem"


On June 28, Important will release Eliane Radigue's "Transamorem - Transmortem." The composition, originally a sound installation, was premiered with several others in the 1970s in New York, where Radigue played them for the public via magnetic tape. After a few presentations, Radigue packed the tapes away until proposals were made to have them released. The release of "Transamorem - Transmortem," then, is the result of more than 30 years of waiting for this particular composition, whose minimal shifts are equally rewarding for those willing to wait for it. Check out the excerpt above.

• Important: http://www.importantrecords.com

Eliane Radigue - "Transamorem Transmortem" | LISTEN | Chocolate Grinder | Tiny Mix Tapes
UNCLEAN --- 10:18:33 15.6.2011
MATHEZZZ: kombinovat techno s experimentalni hudbou, proc ne, ale aby to melo hlavu a patu... Skoda, selekce je vyborna.
MATHEZZZ --- 18:31:38 14.6.2011
MATHEZZZ: Pro Filipa jak stvořené! ;-)
MATHEZZZ --- 18:26:12 14.6.2011
.ılılı. AudioBeats.net .ılılı. - Liveset: Svreca - Clubbing Spain Podcast CS #039 - 19-11-2010
UNCLEAN --- 14:40:14 13.6.2011
...tak na touchi uz se i vari :)

A recipe cooked up by Christian Fennesz for Touch

| touchmusic.org.uk | Touch Recipe Book |
UNCLEAN --- 15:46:41 9.6.2011
YouTube - ‪Michael Gendreau live at LUFF 2009‬‏
_H2O_ --- 13:47:12 18.5.2011

Sound Source Netlabel
UNCLEAN --- 12:53:24 18.5.2011
On The Floor! - Live at Culture Box, Copenhagen - Deadbeat


RBMA Radio - Deadbeat (BLKRTZ, Wagon Repair, Berlin) - On The Floor! - Live at Culture Box, Copenhagen