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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 14:23:28 2.11.2010
Overcast Sound | Holding Pattern


Victoria based OVERCAST SOUND are the talented duo of Jamie Drouin and Michael Pettit. Together they produce deliciously deep and grooving dub techno that immerses you within lush, encapsulating soundscapes. After hearing their live performance at Mutek this year, which became one of the highlights of the festival for me, I’m excited to unleash their latest Holding Pattern EP on basic_sounds.

Holding Pattern starts off with “At Dawn,” a slow-building number that incorporates subtle organic samples, combined with a haunting vocal snippet, to pull it all together for a beautifully drifting groove. The self-titled release is a deeply hypnotic dub track, with filtered vocals filling it with illusions of unreachable nostalgia. The closing track, “Proceed To The Exits,” is a warm, distant sounding track with deep percussion pads that flow into womb-like atmospherics.

Holding Pattern continues to define OVERCAST SOUND’s unique take on the dub techno genre: creating tracks which, although steeped in the Berlin-based scene, are deeply personal and evocative journeys with a style all their own.

Founded in 2005, OVERCAST SOUND already has a number of previous releases on Silent Season, Thoughtless Music, Rohs Records, and Untitled & After. They have also performed at noteworthy festivals such as Mutek (Montreal), Biennial of the Americas (Denver), Decibel (Seattle), Soundwave (Vancouver Island) and New Forms (Vancouver).

basic_sounds | netlabel
UNCLEAN --- 10:25:24 21.10.2010
#003 Bleep - Raster Noton Special - a special showcase on the legendary German electronic label


BLEEP - High Quality Music and Media from Bleep.com
SKOLD --- 16:49:44 20.10.2010
Hm, kdyz tady maty ty someone meets someone, tak nahodim vlastni remixy z vlastniho pseudonetlabelu (www.punkistpop.wz.cz/label.html)

glouch - meetings [2010]


remix / re-verb
320 kbps, 2010

glouch - [Meeting] 01. Sunn O))) meets Huun huur tu & Bulgarian Voices 7:22
glouch - [Meeting] 02. TMFDK meets itself 4:18

MATHEZZZ --- 15:26:43 19.10.2010
UNCLEAN: heh, ale zni to hodne podobne :D
UNCLEAN --- 15:24:34 19.10.2010
MATHEZZZ: prdlajs... to je jen popis, FB ani OPN s tim nemaj nic spolecneho :D chytak
MATHEZZZ --- 15:20:58 19.10.2010
UNCLEAN: kooperace? :)
MATHEZZZ --- 15:20:41 19.10.2010
tak na to se tesim!

Jakou roli tam hrajou Fuck Buttons?
UNCLEAN --- 15:13:26 19.10.2010
Megabats - Goes to a Lemon

Fuck Buttons meets Oneohtrix Point Never...


Goes to a Lemon | Debacle Records
UNCLEAN --- 13:19:59 19.10.2010
GREGOR_PRIDE --- 7:00:51 19.10.2010
Transporta Records presents In Dust And Rail EP part1
Náš label Transporta Rec. konečně přichází s dlouho zmiňovanou kompilací VA – In Dust And Rail EP. Tracků na toto epčko se nakonec sešlo celkem osm, a tak jsme se rozhodli, že ho rozdělíme do dvou částí. První díl vypouštíme ven právě teď, najdete na něm maďarského Doryka, japonce Tomohiko Sagae a domácí Dialecta a Wetrixe. Release najdete k volnému stažení ZDE. Druhý díl pak pustíme ven 30. října.

TPR003 Various Artists – In Dust And Rail EP pt.1 | transporta.technokracie.org