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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 16:58:26 26.5.2010
V/A - Sonar 2010 promo


# Roska - 124 Miles (Exclusive Track)
# Fuck Buttons - Olympians

CYBERARCHER --- 11:19:38 23.5.2010
par mesicu stara zalezitost, ktera by nemela byt opominuta...

Doyeq - Eyelashes Of Lanterns [ep]

date: 2010/01
label: Passage (PASS 003)
styl: Modern Classical, Minimal


01/ Ballet In A Box (6:24)
02/ Eyelashes Of Lanterns (5:12)
03/ The Letter Back (6:25)
04/ Train Travel (5:52)

http://www.passagemusic.net/index.php?id=22 , http://www.archive.org/details/pass003_a
WAKO --- 18:52:11 12.5.2010
WENOUSH: já tu teda od tebe vidim post snad prvně? a dobrý je to
WENOUSH --- 11:55:40 11.5.2010
Industriální a dubové techno v perverzně basovém a nosovém hávu:
http://soundcloud.com/snowlion/snowlion-ia-ia-dance (downloadable)
Jestli už tu moc prudim se svýma věcma, klidně smažte...
UNCLEAN --- 17:01:47 6.5.2010
The live recording of Jóhann Jóhannsson’s 2009 Rotterdam radio broadcast, performed with a live orchestra



1. Jói & Karen
2. Melodia (i)
3. Fordlandia (Aerial View)
4. Eglabörn
5. IBM 1401, a User´s Manual, Part I
6. Salfraedingur
7. The Sun´s Gone Dim and the Sky´s Turned Black
8. Odi et Amo
9. Melodia (iv)

UNCLEAN --- 17:03:36 5.5.2010
TELVIS: tam jde o ten remix, ktery je ve forme toho videa nad tim rozhovorem (po reklame) Na myspace ma neco o novym albu na Level Records.
TELVIS --- 16:58:23 5.5.2010
bohuzel neumim svedsky nebo co to je..
Doufam, ze to znamena neco v tom smyslu, ze vyjde novej Illar?
uz dlouho nic nevydal..
UNCLEAN --- 13:35:05 4.5.2010
Marsen Jules - Panoptique [OKTAF Sketches]


UNCLEAN --- 13:01:59 4.5.2010
Kyle Bobby Dunn Exclusive


Kyle Bobby Dunn creates a stunning collection of classical pieces from composers such as Ravel, Fielding, Ligeti and Goraguer…

1. Johannes Brahms – Theme (from Variations on a Theme of Schumann (For Piano 4 Hands): A very touching and warm piano intro that I have a hard time not repeating over and over a few times.

2. Bernard Herrmann – Madeleine and Carlotta’s Portrait (from Vertigo Soundtrack): One of the most haunting and heartbreaking soundtracks for me. This piece in particular as the painting near the beginning of the film has always sat with me in an ultra surreal way.

3. Maurice Ravel – Le tombeau de Couperin: Prélude (from Complete Music for Piano): A really warm and nostalgic piece by Ravel. All of his piano works are gold and spent a lot of time this past winter with them.

4. George Frideric Handel – Serse, HWV 40 – Ombra Mai Fu (Largo) (from the Best of Handel): One of my favorite Handel works.

5. Frédéric Chopin – Notturno op. 15 n 1 (from Best of Chopin):
A good theme to be nuts to.

6. Jerry Fielding – The Hunting Party (from Straw Dogs Soundtrack)

7. György Ligeti – Arc-en-ciel (from Etudes, Books I & II): My first pairing with Ligeti’s piano works was several years ago. It really took time to grow on me, but the works included on this Naxos release are perfect. I’m having a huge Ligeti re-phase at the moment. His work was undeniably ahead above the rest and the most unattainably texturally intersing then his contemporaries.

8. Ennio Morricone – Riflessione (from Incontro Soundtrack)

9. Krzysztof Penderecki – The Awakening of Jacob (The Shining soundtrack)

10. John Williams – Burning Homestead (from Star Wars IV soundtrack)

11. Arvo Part – Berliner Messe: Credo (from I Am the True Vine)
Part is probably my favorite composer for very personal and elongated reasons. I first heard his music when I was in the 7th grade in Catholic school. The saddened religious overtones and majestic quality was jaw dropping and I’ve had a hard time looking back, since. This is one of his warmer and shorter works, but still painfully human and gorgeous.

12. Howard Shore – Bondage (from Dead Ringers soundtrack):
Howard Shore really hit this score home for me. I like his other film scores, but this track in particular has one of the best moments in cinematic score history, I feel.

13. Alain Goraguer – La femme (from La Planete Sauvage soundtrack): I finally saw this film last year and found the animation and story to be striking, but the soundtrack made it all that much more so. Really worth tracking down.

14. Erik Satie – Reverie du Pauvre (Best of Satie)
After a mentally or physically draining day, there’s no other music more pleasant to drift off to then Satie’s. I can feel like dying without the pain or anxiety of the idea and think of floating away on large cheese blocks into lush forest scapes.

15. Morton Feldman – Last Pieces for Piano (1953) (from Last Pieces as performed by Stephane Ginsburgh): Getting to play alongside Ginsburgh in New York a few years ago was great, especially because of his immaculate interpretations of Feldman’s piano music. A deep, autumnal, contemplative and existential element as usual with Feldman’s music. But easy going about it.

16. Richard Wagner – Lohengrin (from Grandes Grandes Compositores – Wagner) I feel this compilation of things for Fluid could be a lot longer. I picked shorter works by things I enjoy, but this Wagner piece just kills each time. Right now Wanger’s music is the most accurate soundtrack to my life in New York City, or life for people in general nowadays…