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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 10:25:48 14.3.2010
Phaseone Mix: Realest Sh*t I Ever Wrote

Vyborny mix z Pitchforku...


Slowdive – Miranda
Curren$y – I’m just dope
Aphex Twin – Fingerbib
Nite Jewel – Want you back (phaseone remix)
Lukid – Hair of the dog
Talking Heads – Listening wind
Tricky – Bad dream
Polanski – punked out
J Dilla – Oxtopus boom boom
Falty DL – Made me feel so right
James Pants – Shower party
Fleetwood Mac – Isn’t it midnight
Teebs – Humming birds
Actress vs. Zomby – Aazz2
Phaseone – Sandra

GREGOR_PRIDE --- 11:43:49 11.3.2010
WAKO: ;)
WAKO --- 12:04:13 10.3.2010
GREGOR_PRIDE: od Cyp už jsem někdy slyšel povedený ocelový techno, stáhnu
GREGOR_PRIDE --- 11:46:18 10.3.2010
[free_rls] Cyp – They Saw Us EP (TPR002)
XEZRETNUMF --- 14:14:44 7.3.2010
UNCLEAN --- 11:15:11 6.3.2010
Thisquietarmy - Battlefield Arkestrah & Dronewars

Kytarovy drone ambient, ktereho je sice vsude spousta, ale v tomto pripade to neni az tak spatny...


Free Internet Single Released by Foreshadow Productions (January 2008)

"Battlefield Arkestrah": taken from the up-coming "Unconquered" CD (March 2008)
"Dronewars": exclusive to this free single only

Recorded and Mixed By Eric Quach, at TQA-HQ in Montreal, Canada (2007)
Cover art by Eric Quach

UNCLEAN --- 21:40:06 2.3.2010
Suizen – Cartesian Space

Prvni release noveho labelu DUB45 Tima Prebbla z Noveho Zelandu. Za email volne ke stazeni.


B1: Dub mix
B2: 4D mix

Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXA_C7n310A
UNCLEAN --- 15:52:00 2.3.2010
teleferick - six minutes of frame

Ted neco krapet experimentalnejsiho, ale po prvni skladbe to zas tak horke nebude, zajimave zvukove kolaze s minimalistickym konceptem...


UNCLEAN --- 8:34:15 2.3.2010
Counterspark - The Halpern Experiment

Meditativni ambient pro prijemny start dne.


Counterspark is the solo project of Johnny Utterback of Richmond, Virginia. A visual artist by trade, Johnny began experimenting in sound in 2006. From that point on, Counterspark has been a project of experimentation in the world electronic music. Rich textures and lush soundscapes with an underlying tone of optimism are all intertwined into the melancholy compositions that are Counterspark.

The sounds of The Halpern Experiment were sourced from a “healing sounds” cassette, found in a thrift store amongst the piles of one hit wonders. Not finding any value in the cassette’s listening experience, the tape was cut into loops and abstracted. With the focus on the textural elements of the tape and relationships of the melodies, the project became a healing method in itself. Providing refuge from reality in a swirling world of analog color and warmth, The Halpern Experiment was two years in the making.

With mastering by Tanner Menard, the eight movements truly come to life.

UNCLEAN --- 15:06:08 24.2.2010
Mike Weis (Zelienople) - “Women of the Avant Garde”


Zelienople’s Mike Weis follows his excellent ‘Beyond the Backbeat’ mix with this collection of sprawling works from the world’s most interesting female experimentalists. From Alice Coltrane to modern practitioners Darwinsbitch and our very own Grouper there should be something in here for just about everyone…

1. Meredith Monk, Dusk, Book of Days, ECM
2. Kendra Smith, Earth Same Breath, The Guild Of Temporal Adventurers, Fiasco
3. Christina Carter, Hidden Man, Original Darkness, Kranky
4. Alice Coltrane, Universal Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Impulse!
5. Nico, Lawns of Dawn, The Marble Index, Elektra
6. Wax Ghost, The Dahlia, Pt. Three, Adze, Cook An Egg
7. Darwinsbitch, Flames in Blackened Sky, Ore, Digitalis
8. Phantom Orchard, Gypsoflia, Orra, Tzadik
9. Fursaxa, Drinking Wine in Yarrow, Alone in a Dark Wood, ATP
10. Jin Hi Kim, Jin Hi Kim-Ek for Jc, Komungo, OO
11. Spires in the Sunset That Rise, Java Pop, Curse the Traced Bird, Secret Eye
12. Selda, Mehmet Emmi, Selda, B-Music
13. Sonic Youth, Beauty Lies in the Eye, Sister, SST
14. Zaimph, Jeweled Hand, Mirage of the Other, Gipsy Sphinx
15. My Bloody Valentine, Glider, Glider, Sire
16. OOIOO, Switch On!, Feather Float, Birdman
17. Pauline Oliveros, In The House Of My Families, Ghostdance, Deep Listening
18. Pauline Oliveros, Reverberations, Ghostdance, Deep Listening
19. Valet, Rainbow, False Face Society, Mexican Summer
20. Laurie Anderson, Free Fall, Bright Red, Warner Bros.
21. Dialing In, Someone Else’s Talking Pictures, Ketalysergicmetha Mother, Celebrate Psi Phenomenon
22. Grouper, Everyone In Turn, (Type 7"), Type