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electronic music (music for free, experimental, techno)
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UNCLEAN --- 11:02:29 30.5.2009
Electricwest - MOTH3R / R3MIXES

Moc prijemne IDMko, ostatne jak uz je u Pata zvykem. Tentokrate doplnene o remixy od ambientu po dub a jine vylomeniny...


After a three track sampler and a pay per download release on Rope Swing Cities, AH is re-releasing Electricwest's 'MOTH3R' along with a bonus album. 'R3MIXES' reinterprets the album's 11 songs through 11 different artists, including Electricwest himself. It features a mix of ambient drones to start the album off, flowing gradually into more beat-oriented, dub and idm.

'MOTH3R' stands strong on its own, with Electricwest's familiar rumbling bass and haunting tones invigorated from their own distortions. Disembodied voices become embedded within the dissonance and unearthed in the melodies. The album confronts listeners with a polarity between dark, anxious and crawling sonics against more calm and optimistic moments.

Extended thanks to all artist involved in 'R3MIXES' and to those who purchased 'MOTH3R' upon its original release.


* Goddess
* Down We Go
* Choke
* Scarlet
* Light Lesson
* Foxfire
* Never Enough
* Locus Ceruleus
* Vicious Cycle
* At This Depth
* The Earth Mother


* Goddess (celer rmx)
* Choke (aless rmx)
* At this depth (counterspark rmx)
* Light lesson (implex grace rmx)
* Vicious cycle (cheju rmx)
* Scarlet (coppice halifax rmx)
* Down we go (supercomputer six thousand rmx)
* Foxfire (hecca rmx)
* Never enough (headphone science rmx)
* Locus ceruleus (drexon field rmx)
* The earth mother (electricwest rmx)

ADAMBERNAU --- 2:04:19 28.5.2009
UNCLEAN: Neznal jsem; ta deska je opravdu vynikající. Musel jsem si k tomu hned pořídit tu desku, pokud se nepletu, s Witkiewiczem na obalu.
??? --- 21:35:57 27.5.2009
zajímavý věci se daj najít tady: http://17sons.com/
UNCLEAN --- 16:38:14 22.5.2009
Tobias Hellkvist & Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - White/Grey/Black [IAT.MP3.010]

Parada... ;)


Written, recorded and performed by Tobias Hellkvist and Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words. Cover artwork by Thomas Ekelund.


01. White/Grey/Black

UNCLEAN --- 15:36:11 22.5.2009


Fukk God Let's create

Za timto prozaickym :) nazvem se skryva bohuzel jiz zanikly netlabel zamereny na drone/ambient/easylistening hudbu, kterou vybiral jeden z jejich nejlepsich predstavitelu Thomas Ekelund.

archive.org archiv
UNCLEAN --- 18:27:49 20.5.2009

Moc fajn se to posloucha...

[ Swarm Intelligence | Last Gasp ]
01. Scuba - Bleach
02. Station Rose - Smoother Than Strange
03. Shackleton - Death Is Not Final (T++ Remix)
04. Broken Haze - Against The Wall
05. Monolake - Excentric
06. Lusine Icl - Mojave
07. Soft Ballet - Jail of Freedom (Jailtisli Mix by Autechre)
08. Boris Divider - The Hour Of The Machines
09. Swarm Intelligence - Fighting Talk Corrupt
10. AZ-Rotator - Hard Disk Dead
11. Quinoline Yellow - Tradmarc9
12. Kalon - Haiku
13. I-F - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less
14. Autechre - 777
15. N.M.B. Allstars - Via Alt
16. Mira Calix - Umchunga Locks
17. Kraftwerk - Computer World 2

TOOMUCH --- 1:01:16 19.5.2009
UNCLEAN: !!!!!
UNCLEAN --- 15:44:55 18.5.2009
OFFF festival 2009 Oeiras - Portugal 07.08.09 May


Raster Noton showcase with:

- 07 May 2009
Frank Bretschneider
Atom TM

- 08 May 2009
Kangding Ray
Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay)

- 09 May 2009
Alva Noto

UNCLEAN --- 10:44:20 18.5.2009
Unclean @ Shadow Azyl 15.5.2009

Strictly minimal, maximal boredom 'njoy !

NEXIS --- 16:45:52 13.5.2009
UNCLEAN: super!!